February 26, 2007


We are running out of time. We need someone to sign for us and fax the information to the rental place immediately. If you see this and you can help and it is not very much after 1 pm and you have a fax machine, let us know immediately! Our cosigner renigged at the last minute.

If you can help, maybe it's not too late. I need someone to cosign for me immediately. Just verify that the rent will be paid. And fax it to the rental place. That's all. Mama is devistated that this could happen to us. I think we lost it, though. But we can try.

UPDATE: We found someone to send them a statement saying my rent wll be covered, and my approximate income, etc. So, maybe it's on again. This is really hard on mama. Do we have help moving? We are so wanting out of this place!!


Jane said...

I'm so sorry about your cosigner. I wish I could help you in some practical way. All I can do is send you love and hope that someone who is able, comes forward to help you. You both deserve a break from this bad luck. What happened to the donations page on Hot(M)BC?

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sugar Pie. It is 6:30 and we haven't heard from daddy yet. We may have to wait til his good night call. I'm sorry. I'm not sure we can do it, but mommy is going to ask.
In the meantime, mommy thought of a solution that might be faster and cheaper! Her grandma used to live in an older building downtown and it helped her to have a cleaning service come (it was a dry cleaning place called Widmers -not sure if it is a national chain, but I'm sure a local dry cleaners offers the same stuff - would come clean the carpets and upholstry. She said it helped freshen up the place (the hallway was very stale smell because the building was like 50+ years old mommy remembers) and then every 4 - 6 weeks a cleaning service came in and did a good clean to the place. That might help get the meany landlord off your back and then you wouldn't have to miss Mr. Squirrel and pack up all your stuff and move to a new place! You already know where your favorite window and napping places are!
These places can usually schedule a cleaning within the week so the landlord should be OK with that (if not tell him a Big Man Cat will be mad!)
Actually, I think it would be a nice thing for your mommy to have someone come every few weeks to help her clean up. She doesn't feel well and she doesn't need the stress, and after all, you're my princess and your mommy should be treated like a queen!
I know it sounds expensive, but it is cheaper than moving, and I'm sure if you found a nice cleaning service (make sure they're "bonded" mommy says) that people would be willing to help your mommy out. We love you!
How did your interview go??? Paws crossed for you.
I'll let you know what daddy says.

THE ZOO said...

we are glad you found someone to sign fo you. i really hope this works out and that your settled in the new place soon. wes live in the south so were not able to help move but we send good vibes your way. we hope your interveiw went well also. purrrs to you.

Jane said...

Phew @ the update! That's great news. I so hope this all goes through smoothly now for you both and you can settle in to your new home without anymore stress. Best of luck and warm hugs to you both! :) xx

One of us said...

Good luck you two wif all these stressful things ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO