July 8, 2007

Sunday update: (cause blogger wont let me use the title)

Gee, it's been a few days. Well, Friday mama wented on some errands and wented to a diabetes clinic. They gave her a big change in her insulin, and it is really working! Saturday was VERY HOT, almost 100 degrees, so she left me in front of the fans and went to the coffee shop (they have a cool air blowy thing) and then went to the community center where it was cool, too. When she camed home she was hot again, and even her face was red and hot looking! But she had some ice tea and sat in front of the fan and was okay. Today we had some VERY scary thunderboomies. I mean they shook the building and rattled the windows! But I thought of my sweetie and I was okay.

The next couple of days there will be scary people here, fixing stuff, so I might not be on line. But by Wednesday they are supposed to be done. I might just have to hide somewhere until then!

Love to all, kisses for my sweetie, Mr. Hendrix,


Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

If you have someplace safe, hiding is definitely our suggestion. If you get scared, who knows where you might run to.

Stay safe, OK?

Tyler said...

Stay safe Brandi. Don't let those worker people find you. I'm scared of those guys too!
I hope they don't have to stay very long.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Darling, I'm sorry you were hot and scared by the boomies. Whenever you get scared, just think of me and I'll telyport over and hold your paw. Be careful of strangers Sugar Pie. Do what your mommy tells you to stay safe.
Sigh, I'll miss you.
Kisses and headnuzzles *blush* to you sweetie

Boy said...

Oh no! Scawy people awound fixing stuff? That sounds awful! Be weawwy careful, Bwandi!