July 15, 2007


Yup! Mama connected the puter finally. FINALLY! I sat in the computer chair until she did it. Well, this afternoon, anyway. The workers are gone, but one is coming back sometime to fix the leaky pipe. I hid in the waaayy back of the closet and never came out when they were here.

But now mama has the puter back running, and I helped. So now I get to catch up on all you kitties out there.

Mama went to the community center yesterday and played bingo. She didn't win, but she said she had fun. And Max (the woofie) remembered her, and came for scritchies. He left some fur on her clothes, and I smelled him.

So, that's the news. I've been sniffing all the fixed stuff and changes. They helped mama move the kitchen table, and I approve of that. And fixed the heat pipes. And did a bunch of noisy stuff.

Gotta be nosy and catch up on what has been happening. And check in on my sweetie. I was definitely thinking of him when I was hiding out! It helped me not be so scared!

Love, headbumpies, and a BIG smooch for my Sugar Pie!


Mosaic Cats said...

Hi Brandi!
Welcome back online. And thanks so much for welcoming us so warmly ("warmly"??? What are the beans doing to this burning up planet anywho, huh?)
So nice to meet you. We will put you on our COOL NEW FRIENDS list right now.
Willie, Bianca and Sadie

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sugar Pie! I'm very glad things are all better AND you have bunches of new things to sniff and investigate. That is always fun.

I thought of you the other night during the storms and then on Friday while I napped. It was nice.

Take care and I'm glad your mommy has you back online. Be sure to hide when that worker guy comes back! The closet sounds very safe.

Jane said...

Well done Brandi for surviving the scary invasion. I'm glad to hear your home is mended now and you can have some peace and quiet.