November 23, 2007

Hey, Guess WHAT???

I am so happy and proud of mama. She just ordered a copy of THE BOOK and some stuff from CafePress, including a muggie and a couple of calendars and a print, and she is so happy. The monies go to helping other kitties, and we are sooo happy to be able to give back a little, finally. Check out the CatBlogosphere and order the new We Are the Kitties, and a calendar or two, and muggies, and so much more. You will enjoy the stuff you get (and the neat pressies you give will give pleasure to the ones you give to) and monies will go to helping other kitties.

Our turkey was wonderful, and the hamm pizza today was great! And check out the Tower Hill Mob! They are back with a new addition, little Lydia has come into their household. We have missed them a lot. And welcome Lydia!

That's it right now. Hope everyone has had a good holiday and lots of good food.

Love to all,

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MoMo said...

Hi, Brandi, haven't been around for sometime. Just popping by to say 'mieow' and hope all is well. Nice seeing you at the Tower Hill Mob's party.