July 19, 2010

Monday Mellow

We thought we would add a couple of pictures from the lounge.  Didn't really have room yesterday to show them (ok, bl***er wouldn't let us). So far today it is a nice sunny day.  Hope it stays that way!  Got mama up early to enjoy the sunshine. A nice way to thank her for all the goodies yesterday (she even gave me another kind of treat last night).
We forgot to show you the neat painting we were sitting by in the lounge. And, although it's not very interesting, part of the lounge.
The picture is pretty.

Oh, yes.  They kept saying mama would get treats when she wented to the lounge, but all they ever had in the fridge was an open can of pop and a bottle of mayonaise.  She said, not even an ice cube.  And all the cupboards were either locked or empty. At least the microwave worked.  She brought her own food and stuff to drink. And cleaned the kitchen area. And the tv was not hooked up (guess they didn't want to pay the cable bill??), so she brought a book and gotted to talk to me (when I wasn't napping).  I had to hang out in the PTU most of the day.
Still, the chairs were sort of comfy and the view was interesting, and there was a nice breeze.
Now, off to lay in the sun!


1 comment:

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

You have a very nice lounge Brandi. It makes for a change of scene .
It's good you are back in your own home though. That is the most comfy place!!!
Enjoy some sunbeams!!

Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie