July 18, 2010

Sunday Snooze

Last night we had a BIG storm.  Thunder and really hard rain and lots of lightning.  Mama said she would hold me, but I was brave.  I only let her hold me a little bit.  The city to our east--including the shopping center with the PetSmart lost power for a while! Our lights just barely blinked. We were lucky! Lots of people are still without power apparently, and there was a lot of wind damage.
When mama heard the storm was coming she shut the puter down and made dinner just in case something happened later. And it was SALMON.  And she SHARED. Yum!
So today I made mama take the pictures from her camera.  So these are from the lounge upstairs:

That's it.  Views from the windows upstairs and then pictures in the lounge. Mama and I thought you would like these pictures.  They are from the west side of the building, and you can see the tall buildings from downtown from up there.

Back to the snooze.

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