July 12, 2010

Monday Update

We will be gone from the apartment (again!) tomorrow for them to do some work in here (again--yes!).
I am to be locked into my PTU and we are going upstairs to the lounge again. At least it's nice up there. I am getting used to it.
Then, who knows when, we are getting a new floor in the kitchen.  Why they couldn't do that when they installed the kitchen---did I tell you this has been going on since last May??---we can't begin to understand. If it is just the kitchen, it can't be tooo bad.  I stayed here when they did the bathroom floor.  They were done in a couple of hours (or five).
The thing is, they let us know about more work (not the floor)  today.  Not last Friday.
Oh, and mama had to give a formal complaint to the post office about a package. It seems they held it for ransom since Thursday in the locked mail room here. They didn't give it to her. It was too big for the mail lockers in the lobby hallway.  Mama requested it to be delivered to her on Saturday, and gave up her plans for most of the day. They didn't do so.  So she filed a formal complaint to the US Postal Service by email and voice and called the local post office who told her they were only a block away and she could go get it from them (they are ten blocks away, mama has no car and has arthritis in her knees and ankles and problems with her back--how could she carry a box that far??). And when she said very quietly ( I listened in) if she should wait for the mail truck today and stand in front of it until the carrier gave her her package, they said they didn't want any damage to their truck or their mail carrier (what about mama??) and not to do that. After filing a complaint with the 800 number she informed the local branch she had done so this morning.
An hour and a half later, she received a call asking her to come downstairs and get her package.
What the ****? Cats could definitely rule the government better than humans!
Is it any wonder she was crabby all weekend??
Poor mama.
Let's see if we can be back on Wednesday. Here's another picture of me, and I actually like it:

With Catitude and

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