July 13, 2010


Oh, my.  It has been a long day. When we left this morning and went into the lounge upstairs we found out that....there was no door knob!!! Mama couldn't get out.  Thank goodness she had her cell phone on her so that she could call the office!  This afternoon a nice gentleman came in to fix it.  And he was from some place called Jamaica, and he now works here and has a farm outside of the city and raises HORSIES! And he has cats at home, too! Wow!
I hate the elevator, but on the way down to our home this afternoon a nice older gentleman came in the elevator and he loooovvves kitties.  So I didn't feel so bad.
When we got in here it was HOT!  I couldn't find a cool spot anywhere.  All the fans went on and the a/c went on, and mama kept my water cool with ice cubes. Nice, isn't she???
It's at least 13 degrees cooler in here.  When we first turned the puter on, the monitor had a heat stroke and we had to wait for it to cool down.
So we are here now, and mama keeps putting ice cubes in my water.  I could get really used to this.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Aha, a very good reason to carry a cell phone. it wasn't one we would have thought of if we were trying to convince Jan to get one, but we'll have to add it to the list. So glad you got out, met some nice folks and you all (including the monitor) are cooling down.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Sounds like yoo had a very eventful day! Ice cubes in the water sounds nice!

Kea said...

Sounds like quite an adventurous day!

Our human doesn't have a cell phone, so if that happened to us, we'd be stuck!

Harry Spotter said...

Sounds like a busy day. Hope the ice water help you cool down.