November 22, 2011

A Newby Cute Alert

Some of you know that my bestest woofie friend who comes to visit me for real is Maggie the Schnauzer. She doesn't have a blog, but her mommy and mine have been friends for many many years. And her mommy is the bean who figured out my name when I first camed to my furever home. Many many years, too. This is Maggie:

Anyway, there is a cute little puppy woofie that is fairly new to the blogosphere  (Pets Blogs United featured him).  His name is Rupert and his blog is Along Came Rupert.  Go say hi. I'm sure you will also say "aaaawww".
Sad news: Mama is not volunteering tomorrow at the food bank (in place of Thursday, cause of Thanksgiving).  She just got a call.  They ran out of food. We hope everyone who needed food for Thanksgiving got some. But we think there will be hungry tummies, and that is just wrong!


Prancer Pie said...

Cute Maggie! We thinks hunger is a terrible thing! We will purr fur those that are not as lucky as us kittehz wif full bellahs. Haf a blessed Thanksgiving. xoxo

Melinda said...

Thanks so much for mentioning us, Brandi! You're quite the little cutie yourself. We'll be sure to follow your escapades on here as well!

Thanks again!!

Rupert & Melinda

Karen said...

So sad about the food bank. With so many in need and not enough to go around. I do wish that even half the money we sent overseas to help feed people was spent here. A lot fewer people would be hungry