November 19, 2011

Saturday Stuff

It's sposed to snow/rain today. And I hope Traci comes over anyway!  The dinner last night was very good.  I mean GOOD. As in we got leftovers! Some of it is too spicy for me, but at least someone heard me, and brought back stuff. Mama was one of the first helpers to arrive and one of the last to leave.  The dinner was sponsored by the food bank, and was Chinese food from LeeAnn Chin. Anybody else have this great restaurant?? Nummy foods!
I am worried. though.  We gots lots of leftovers in the frigiator, and I don't think there is room for my hamm dinner when it is cooked and there is leftovers for me.
Well, maybe there won't be a problem.  I know.  Traci can take some home.
Wait, that casserole in the frigiator is really tasty.  It's got sausage and mushrooms in it.
Well, we can just eat that and the leftovers from last night before next Thursday!
Only our gobble gobble won't be turkey.
Oh, and we gots punkin muffins in there.  I loves them.  That won't be a problem to eat them....
Happy Saturday, all.

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Prancer Pie said...

As long as there's food in the fridge, let the rain/snow come down! Stay warm, pretty Brandi!