July 26, 2007


I know you all have been wondering about us doing the m word. We are. Finally. It is a much smaller place, but it has lots of windows and is on a good bus line for mama. By this time next week we hope we will be out of here. Finally. It will be a tight squeeze, mama said. And we still owe on the deposit a bunch of money. But it is a nicer place, she told me. Lots of closets. And we will take pictures, of course. We still haven't figured out HOW to move, though. But when we cleaned mama threw out a ton of stuff, so all we have to pack is kitchen stuff, books, and clothes.

Those of you who would like our new address, let us know. We still don't know the zip code, yet, but we will soon.

The new place doesn't have carpeting. Hmmm. Sliding time?

We will be up high. Anyone want a small refrigerator?? This will be acksiting and scary. But I don't like this place any more, it's scary scary.

That's the news.

love and hugs,


Edsel/The Pooch said...

good, hopefully you'll like the new place

Jane said...

I hope you and your Mum will be very happy in your new home Brandi. You've both been through some rough times and hopefully a new start in a nicer home will be just the break you need. If your new home is up high, those birds might be flying right in front of you - better than television!

Good luck & hugs to both of you xx

Shilgiah the Cat said...

We moved a year ago on July 31 and it was scary for me and my mom. But now we like where we are and if we hadn't moved we wouldn't have found Tommy all alone and abandoned. Now I have a brother who bugs me sometimes but who is lots of fun to play with.

You never know what fun and interesting things may happen when you have moved and get settled in. We'll be wishing you a good move.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

sounds like you are getting to a much better place Brandi and Mom ~the Fluffy Tribe

Tina T-P said...

I'm so glad that you got into a new place - and on a bus line - how handy - next good thing will be a new job, no? :-) T.

William said...

I'm glad you and your mama found a nicer place to live. I loved it when we didn't have carpeting--I could surf!

Edsel/The Pooch said...

good, glad you're movin' to a nicer place.

Max said...

=sigh= I hate the M-word. I know we have to do it again soon, too. But remember, even as scary as it is, new places can be exciting...just don't do like Buddah did last time and hide in a piece of furniture. Concentrate on sliding around on carpetless floors.