August 11, 2009

Hello, there

This is mama's day at home. Well, actually, today and tomorrow. So she has been good with her back (she wented to the practor doctor yesterday for it) and has been doing some updating on my bloggie for me.
Check out the new linkies. I know, I know. Some of them by now are OLD linkies, but at least they are finally listed!! We even have a woofie bloggie on there. You know we love Bogart, the airedale, and I am fond of schnauzers (Maggie is my special friend), so we found a schnauzer bloggie. And more kitty bloggies, of course, some that we just missed before, some fairly new, some--well, mama hasn't been updating regularly.
Thursday she goes to the heart doctor, and then Friday to the practor doctor for her back. And next week she does more doctors, and the diabetes clinic.
We want her to be healthy, right?
Better her to the doctors than me to the vets.
Speaking of which, I had a bitie on my ear from some kind of buggie, and mama has been cleaning it and watching it and I think it is getting better. Every time she looks at it she gives me treaties, and she is so careful I would rather have her than an old vet any day.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Sounds like you and your mom are taking good care of each other.

Reese =^..^= said...

You are getting lots of things done.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We hafta spank mommy cuz we hafn't been visiting our frends like we should and we missed yoor gotcha day! Happy Belated Gotcha Day...and a squillion more.

Catzee said...

I never knowed a woofie before. Are them nice to kitties???

John Evans said...

Great blog and amusing articles, will be sure to return!