August 13, 2009

Thursday Update

Mama had to go to the heart doctor today, and run a bunch of errands. She has to go to the practor doctor tomorrow and run a bunch of errands, too. And it is really muggy out, so she isn't really happy about it all. Today was Farmer's Market day, so I bet the farmers were happy with the weather, cause mama said people came, saw what they wanted, bought and left. Nobody wanted to dawtle, she said.
Tomorrow she has a bunch of busses to ride cause of her errands. But she will come home to me. And I will be cool. :-)
Mama doesn't have to go back to the heart doctor for 6 months now. But the practor tomorrow and 5 doctor pointments next week. At least. One of them is the diabetic clinic. Two at the practor clinic. Two at the newer clinic that her other doctors have moved to.
As soon as everything settles down again mama found out she can go to her women's group again. She hasn't been able to go for a couple years, and she still misses them. She just has to make time on Mondays, soon.
Me? I gotted chick-hen for dinner (mama shared). Mama met Lizzie, my woofie neighbor, in the hallway when mama was taking out the garbage after dinner. Lizzie smelled the chick-hen.
And, oh yes, no remodel stuff this week.
Mama losted her insurants card today. It blew away in the wind. But a new one is on the way! She already called.

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Reese =^..^= said...

Meowee! Your momma sure is a busy lady. I hope she is feeling ok. Give my best, will you please.