August 29, 2009

Oh more stuff

They are coming to adjust the new heating vents on Monday. Mama says she is going to laugh when they discover that we don't have them installed yet. She left messages and talked to the lady in the office, but they never came. So I don't think they will adjust anything, unless it is the old radiator vents.
Then Tuesday the bug guy comes again to this floor. Yea! He's always nice, and really quick.
If they still want us to get ready for the radiator covers again, I guess we will. It's a pain, though. Mama wants her donation stuff to leave soon so she can put the rocking chair in that place. Right now the chair is in our doorless pantry. Which is a wonder, since it used to be soo full.
Mama decided to go to a regular doctor for her back and found out that she has a strained muscle in her back and bursitis in her hip. They gave her pain medications that totally knock her out. She slept a lot today.
But she asked the new doctor if he was accepting new patients, and he said yes, so she decided to make him her doctor. She has been thinking hard about this, cause her old doctor IS old, like in his 80's. So now she has a new one. Her old doctor has known her over 30 years. She needs to find someone who will be around a little longer.
We gotted to nappy a lot today. Tomorrow I have been told mama will sweep and wash the floors, pick some stuff up, dust and then clean the bathroom. These are pretty normal things.
Yes, mama, I promise not to walk on wet floors. Much. (tee hee).

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Jan's Funny Farm said...

Take good care of your mom.