August 25, 2009

Thunder Boomies

Early early this morning there was LOUD thunder boomies all over. They lasted leventy seven hours and the lightning even longer! I hid under the bed, although for a while I cuddled with mama, seeing as how she got waked up by the storm too.
This afternoon it is sunny and nice out, so nappy times....
Oh, before I take another nappy.
The reason we don't have pictures right now is because with all the commotion here on the remodel mama doesn't know where the cord thingy that runs from the camera to the puter USB port is. Does anyone know if these are universal or do we have to get one just for our camera?
This is after mama bought a bunch of batteries so there was no excuse for not taking pictures. I won't even tell you what she took a picture of today. Only it involved *shudder* vishus deers. But now she doesn't know where the cord thingy is.
Off to take another nappy,

p.s We were asked what camera we have. It is an older camera, an hp photosmart 120. And the plug in for the camera end is smaller than the USB plug in.
Update: We found the cord!!! It was behind the computer. Duh.
oh wait, that means more pictures....


Sherkhan said...

Not totally universal, but fairly so. My Nikon has a chord that is sort of unique, but Sher's Papa has one that's fairly universal- like a smaller USB at the camera end... mine is different. It depends on the model of the camera- which one do you have?
-Sherkhan's Mama

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

i am so glad you found the cord! i love seeing your beautiful face. purrrrrrrrs our USB cord is universal, just in case you ever need one.

i am sorry the boomies scared you! next time i'll come hide under the bed and hold your paw. i don't like boomies either. i hope you don't think less of me...

Danielle said...

Hi Brandy,

My name is Danielle. I am just starting to dip my paw into blogging, so I thought I'd see how other cats do their blogs. I loved yours!

My owner is super at chasing me around to take pictures of me. ( I bet she'll put some on my blog.)

My blog is

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

Storms can be not very good to deal with. It’s good your Mom was home with you.We’re glad that she found the cord too.