August 27, 2010

Friday and We are back HOME

After all day at the lounge, we are finally home.  Oh, my.  Since they are remodeling the community room on the first floor (where mama goes to resident meetings and they have bingo and special meals on holidays and sometimes show movies or have groups come in to sing (a black singer camed in to help celebrate Black History and mama said he sang like heaven gaved him lessons), or even put on plays (a college group camed in to put on Twelfth Night) they had furniture stacked all over the lounge. Mama could barely open the fridge to put in her lunch.  I gotted to sit in  my PTU on a table and look out the window.  It was nice enough to have the windows open, and I even saw some neat birdies!  The trains on that side of the building are NOISY though. And a painter camed in a couple of times, and a lady who was looking for help.  Mama, having worked for the county, knew where to tell her to call.  She was visiting in the building, but we think the person who lives here that she was visiting couldn't help her either.  So mama knew a charity where she could get help. And then an older couple camed in this afternoon with three grandbeans.  They were grandbeans old enough to be nice and not obnoxious or terrorizing, which was okay with me.
And the nicest part of being in the PTU upstairs?  Besides having lots of Dentabites? And seeing birdies, and smelling fresh air?? And having mama read part of We are the Kitties and We Writed You this Book to me?? Mama's lunch was a sammich.  Turkey and hamm!!! She shared.  Hoooray!!
Now we have a new floor in the kitchen and the pantry. Mama keeps muttering "why white?  why white?" I just think it smells funny.
Don't forget the big push for Modest Needs.  Voting and commenting end on the 31st.  We know Pepsi's sight is slow, but PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT.  PLEASE??????
love you all


meowmeowmans said...

Thanks for sharing about your day, Brandi! We liked the part about your mama's sammich (did you say ham AND turkey?!) the best! :)

Reenie said...

Aww... Smelly is no good! But I'm sure all will be well in no time!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad your apt is finally finished so you don't have to spend any more days upstairs.

Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with your Coffee) said...

So Brandi. . . I learned from your momma's post on my blog that you knew just how to work her (17 years ago) and that YOU picked HER. I love it!! Clearly, it was a perfect match (and you knew it all along).