August 24, 2010

Six more Newses!

Firstest of all, please continue to vote for Modest Needs' project at Pepsi Refresh.  They need votes and comments till the end of the month and they are still # 3.  Not only do they get the funding from Pepsi at the end of the month if they are #1 or #2, they also have donors who have promised to double the amount of the funding if they get it. This is to help people on the Gulf who have been unemployed because of the environmental catastrophe of the oil spill. Most of the office stuff (processing and stuff) will be handled in their own office, with a few part-timers added, so that the expenses will be very very low (have you looked at the start up costs of some of the projects? NOT getting to the people who need help, that's for sure). The majority of the money will go directly to families who need help! Check out their proposed budget! Cool!  And, as we have said before, they helped US so, please do this small thing with us to help pay back. 

Secondest of all, the Pepsi Refresh website is now very very slow. Please be patient.  It takes a lonnnnggg time to sign in and vote and comment. Walk away for a few moments after trying each step, or beans, just give us some scritchies or something while you wait. Hey, double free gives!! For us and the bean families on the Gulf.

Thirdest of all, Mama is going to her bean vet on Thursday afternoon, so she won't be home in the afternoon.

Fourthest of all,  although they promised they were done, we have to go up to the lounge and hang out again on Friday.  This time around we get a new kitchen floor, and they said the glue would be too stinky for us to stay in the partment for the day. That means Tracie isn't gonna come, and she's busy this coming weekend because she's planning to take her son to the State Fair. I miss her!

Fifthest of all: We may have to do a wordless Wednesday at this rate. Whew.  Mama might need a break.

Sixest of all: We love you all. Not new news, but still, nice.



Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Thanks for all the newses Bradi!!
Hpwdy from your TX furiends,

us4 cats said...

#3 & #4 of alls sound rough. we dislike when our humans are away from the home at an unexpected time. and remodeling- hmpfh, loud noise and tools everywhere, but we got used to it , kinda, over the past few months :)

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Thanks for the reminder to vote, Brandi. We forgot. We forget everything.

Hope this is the last time you have to wait outside your apt all day.

No bad news at the human vet, okay!

pbgmomof5 said...

Ditto what Jan said! Hope your new kitchen floor is all fun and slidey like ours is!

From the Califurrrrrnia5

Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with your Coffee) said...

And we all love you!