July 2, 2012

Monday Meows

Its really crappy when mom gets up in the morning and it's already in the 80's! And we're talking early, not noon or something. She left the air coolie thing on all night cause of the humdidity, and was cold this morning. Hah! I warmed up in the sun puddles! She was plain dumb. Well, she IS a bean!
This morning she did very wel, however.  After she gotted up she cleaned my water bowl and filled it, and made sure I had foodies and  my treats before she did anything else! It took years of training, but she's pretty good at it nowdays. So keep training your beans, little ones.  Someday you will reap the rewards!
It is going to be hot hot hot all week, and I am so glad for the air coolie thing. Mom also leaves the fan on in my room. Isn't she good? Be sure to tell your beans to do the same. And lots of water!!
Mommy's worried about foodies again this week. Not fair, but that's life here these days.  Mommy is always worried about bills, foodies and medicines. We so appreciate any help we can get.  She can't get to the food bank for a week or two (she has to rely on rides) and the food shelf has a crazy schedule for the holiday week. She transferred green papers from our paypal account, but it takes a few days to be recognized at our bank, especially with the holiday, and she didn't know that.  She keeps watching, and as soon as our bank finishes doing what ever it does to get green papers in our bank she will be getting green papers out for foods. And some medicines again. She's due to get more insulins. And my Denties and my foodies, don't forget. And my litter stuff. And we could go on all day listing stuff we need....and the bills that are behind. There's just so few green papers!
I leave her alone when she worries. Well, for a little while, anyway.  Then I come and remind her that we are two, and not one, and she should not worry so much and give me treats to make me her happy.
I am a very good girl. I try to take good care of my mom.
Keep safe, keep cool, drink lots of water, and if you are in the US, find a nice quiet place for the 4th.  Like maybe a bathroom or something. Shower stalls work really well. I should know.


The Lee County Clowder said...

Brandi's mama, you should be able to get a Paypal debit card. Then you can pull money directly from our Paypal account. Our Dad uses the debit card for a most of his on-line payments, but it works like any other debit card at the store. FWIW.

Stay cool and comfy, both of you.

Prancer Pie said...

We hate those boomies too, sweet Brandi. Most firework shows have been banned here due to the intense heat and no rains. We hope this means a quiet 4th! Stay cool! XOXO

Katie Isabella said...

Hi sweetheart. You keep taking care of mommie and see to it that both of you do what's needed when you need to do it.

You look precious in your new avi from Twinkletoes.

I can't get here sometimes as blogger says there is no profile. May be a conflict with Comcast and Blogger..dunno. But I see and appreciate comments. Just can't always click over here becaause it says the profile doesn't exist. If no one else has said that, then it's a conflict here on this end. :-(

Tillie and Georgia said...

Brandi, we are sending you and your Mom lots and lots of purrs!! We do not get temperatures that high where we live!!
We like that you have your Mom well trained,heehee
We also send purrs that some luck will find it's way to you too.

Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure and JJ

Rene said...

We are sending purrs too. We are sorry you can't get to the food bank, but we hope you can get there soon.