July 23, 2012

Monday Meows

I have to have a talk with my mama.  She slept late (7:00) and didn't immediately give me my Denties. Well, I did finally get them AFTER she did her morning stuff. And, yes I DO have to remind her to take her pills and her shot every morning.  But I am FIRST!
Well, she did clean my floor, and there was mention of pizza today, but I can never trust rumors of pizza, cause we normally don't have enough green papers. Well, a girlcat can dream, right?
Mama is trying to get some green papers so she can pay a little more on her intsurants. She's still behind. So, maybe no pizza. I guess I am used to it.
After all, she bought some groceries for herself this last weekend, and I spied some chick-hen. Ooo, Maybe?? It still isn't pizza, though.
We are so grateful that some beans are trying to share with us. Mama has the sads that she can't help others back, but she hugs me, instead. Sads go away when she does. Then she is grateful for me.
It is very hot today, and I am glad mama gets to stay home.  She has to go out Wednesday to her bean vet, but today and tomorrow she gets to stay home.
The bad news from this weekend: mama tipped over in one of her chairs (okay the floor underneath was wet cause I had a accident), and it broke. She is very sad, cause it was a really comfy chair, and she could roll it around easy, but I am working on making the sads go away. No, she wasn't hurtied.
Me, I don't like her chairs except for my rocking chair.  When she took away the old office chair (mine, I tell you, MY office chair), I refused to sit on anything but my comfy bed and my rocking chair. Now all we have is my rocking chair, her office chair ( I must say, it looks uncomfortable, but it's the principle of the thing--she took mine away! I won't try the new one) and the metal chairs she uses for the dining table (which she eats at twice a year, maybe).
Did I say we have a elegant partment? No? Well, the furniture is sure not elegant! But the rocking chair is nice, and the daybed is comfy, so I don't care.
The My old office chair:

I think it doesn't look like a color photo cause the chair was black with a beige ring around the seat, and the floors are beige and I am gray and white. Or mama just can't take pictures. Well, now she can't anyway, cause our camera broked. All my pictures are older ones, now.  We're sorry, but that's the best we can do. I don't like pictures anyway (and you'd think I would be used to them), but I know you all like seeing me. She certainly has a lot of them to show!
That's it, keep cool and drink lots of water,



Nerissa said...

Oh Brandi... you take good care of that mama of yours, okay? And I just know your mama is taking good care of you, too. You keep your mama's sads at bay with lots & lots of hugs & cuddles and I'm sure she'll feel tonnes better. Love always, Nissy.

Rene said...

We are sorry about the chair, but we're sure glad she wasn't hurt! Please tell your mom not to feel bad about others helping her. Maybe someday she can return the favor in some way.

Katie Isabella said...

Give mamma lots and lots of cuddles and snugglies and kissies and headbonks and I fink she will feel all betters. xoxoxox

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) said...

I am sure your Mommie doesn't mind - she knows that it was an accident. Maybe pizza is in your future.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

How sweet you're there to help when your mom has the sads. We're glad some beans want to share with you. It's hard when you can't share back in the same way, but we know you do share with others where you can and that's what counts.