July 18, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Mommy was going to go run errands today downtown but she had a accident this morning and hurtied herself, and decided to  stay home.  It's not that nice out any way. So she decided to go on Friday.  Which means that I maybe won't see Traci this week.  But mom is still going to go out with Sue tomorrow.  And I bet she will feel even worse anyway.
We have had almost a month of weather over 80 degrees. And a lot of days over 90.   Mom said everyone is complaining except some of the immigrants here from hot countries.  They look comfortable! It must remind them of home. But the rest of the Minnesotans who have been here for awhile are suffering in the heat.
 Good thing this is called the Land of 10,000 Lakes (although someone counted them and said there are more than 10,000). Lots of people are "hitting the beach", especially the children.  That's pretty smart of them, cause beans actually like water. And I spose it is cooler.  When it was really hot and we didn't have air, sometimes mama would put a wet towel on me and it did feel cooler.  Specially in front of one of our (then) many fans. Remember that, those of you who don't have an air coolie thingy. I almost totally forgot about that one.
So mom is staying home today and I hope she feels better soon.  She fell, you see, and I think it's really her tushy that hurties more than  the shoulder she complains about. And something beans call dignity. I think that means pride in one's self, and we all know kitties have that naturally, because we are supreme beings.
One of the many bean things she has to bring up next week at her doctors.  She falls too much! Course, this time there was water on the floor from my water bowl. But I swear I didn't put it there! No, not me! I'm truly innocent! She's the one who bumped into my bowl earlier and then slipped on the spilled water. Pay attention, mom!
Like I said, icky day out today.  Gray with no sunpuddles at all. Better to stay home with the sweet lady cat of the house to keep you company.
There are plenty of treats for me!! That will make you happy.  Think of  all the fun you're going to have giving me treats today!!
Well, furfriends, why isn't she smiling at that?
Hmmphh. See? It's raining now.  Aren't you glad you stayed home?


Nerissa said...

Hope your mom feels better soon. It's not good when the peeps fall, I think. I remember once, last year, when my peep #1 fell down the steps at the back door 'cause they were wet and slippery and she was rushing and not being careful. She went down knees first and had a big scrape on one. Heard about it for days, afterward! That was the worst part, for sure. purrs PS. If the peeps walked around on four feet like us, instead of only two, they'd fall less, I think.

Katie Isabella said...

You know Nerissa made a great comment. Our peeps really DO need to walk on all 4's. Accidents like your mom's would be in the past.


(feels betters, Mom of Brandi)

Prancer Pie said...

Purrs fur your Mom's bum and shoulder. Stay cool, furriends. xoxo

meowmeowmans said...

We hope your mom feels better real soon, Brandi. We bet you'll be a great nurse for her, and that will help a lot.

Rene said...

We hope your mom doesn't hurtie so much soon. We have had a hot summer here too, but with the bummer of no rain. :-(

Tillie and Georgia said...

We send purrs to your Mama and hope she feels better !! But at least she got to spend the day with you and you kept her from the rain ;)
Enjoy your treats ;) heehee
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

yuki and rocket said...

oh no, i hope your mom is not too badly hurt! at least you don't live in the desert like us, one week it was over 100 every single day! rocket loved it, but not me, i belong in the snow!!

yuki and rocket

Shaggy and Scout said...

Just catching up after a busy Saturday. Hope you're doing better Carol!