July 7, 2012


It's cooler today! Yea! And the humdidity is lower, so that means open windows this afternoon! Yea! And mommy ordered some groceries (including a couple packages of Denties!)!
She didn't get a very large order, but enough to tide us over till we gets our check. And the food shelf helped out. Mommy wented yesterday. We gotted some chicken! And some fresh veggies (well, I don't care, but mom does.  I'm not particularly fond of onions and potatoes and sweet potatoes) and fruit (still, don't care for raspberries) and yogurt (why can't they make plain yummy yogurt?  They always add dumb fruit). But it helped our grocery list a lot.  Especially the chicken. I think mommy might make the chicken tonight. If I am nice. And I'm always nice!
 And Thank You to those of you who helped!! Mama was getting pretty low on everything. Now mommy won't be standing at the pantry door going "what can I possibly make?" We have some choices besides cans of vegetables, soup and canned fruit! I noticed she didn't get breakfast food, but she said she has enough oatmeal till she can shop for other stuff. And of course, there's nothing like Pringles (I never get much, but I loves them!) on her list.  Isn't that good foodies??
She says the only thing she has lots of is kitty litter. Funny, mom. I saw the Friskies! Can't fool me!
Well, it looks like the temps might be cooler this week, and at least no rain.  Bad for gardens and grasses. But no upper 90's, and less humdidity! Open windows!! Outdoor smells!!
Oh, and the bestest news? I think there is enough green papers now to pay for a pizza. If you hear a thud from this part of Minneapolis, it's me, falling over in a faint from pizza smells. Cross your paws, efurrybody! I know there's lots of stuff we need need, but a hamm pizza should be on the list sometimes, right?
Hey, mom, the Twins won against the Rangers last night, and one of the pizza places is selling half price pizzas today!! Hint, hint. Much better than even chicken!!!
ps. Maybe you can even catch up on the insurants, mom!
ppss. WE GET PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUD


Mimi said...

My mom person had problems like these before, they suck!

I do think a hamm pizza should be on your list & I think my people should get us a hamm pizza too!

Nubbin wiggles,

Prancer Pie said...

Yay! We are so glad things are better and pizza is on the horizon. We too, got sum temperature relief and rain this weekend. For this, we are very grateful. Have a great Sunday. XOXO

Katie Isabella said...

Come see your award!!! It's waiting for you on my page. xox

Katie Isabella said...

Brandi..come see the award you have on my page today. xoxox

The Island Cats said...

We're finally getting cooler weather today too! And mom just opened our windows! YAY!

Rene said...

YEAH, that's good news all around. We think you totally deserve that pizza, and cool that she can get it half price.

Shaggy and Scout said...

What a great deal on the Pizza!! HooRay! Too bad the Twinkies aren't having a better season!!!
So glad to hear that things are easier at least for now with the pantry situation at your place.