July 28, 2012

Sunny Saturday

It is still a little cool out, but since the sun comes in every morning, and one whole side of our partment has windows, it got a little warm inside this morning. Cool air, warm sunpuddles, I'm getting spoiled. Not to mention the lovely crock pot chicken smells. Traci just went home, but she got the recipe.
Warm Back!!

Traci helped mama move the stove this morning, cause mama dropped the teapot lid down the back. Silly. You have thumbs and you can't hold on to your teapot lid??
Well, at least she can use a can opener.  Most of the time.
And guess what.  She found a teaspoon under the stove, too. We've been missing a knife for the longest time, but it wasn't under there. Oh, and some kind of coffee pod thingy and an empty pill bottle were. She thought there might be money, but nope. Not that lucky.
We still wonder where the knife is.  Traci asks us all the time. Did you find the knife? No. Not yet.  It must be in the same place lone socks go and wash cloths. And red octopus (octopee?) go and toy mouses.
And of course, mom has one of those butcher block knife holders. Minus the one knife.
At least she remembers where my food is. Now, when to feed me, maybe not.
Just as long as she forgets about the *bath* she wants to give me!
Have a great Saturday, and good luck to the Olympians!


Nerissa said...

I don't know if there is anything hidden under our stove but... under the fridge is where I keep my pen collection. Shhhh... that's a secret! purrs

The Lee County Clowder said...

We had the windows last evening and all night. Pretty nice, but there wasn't much breeze, so the house stayed kinda hot. Got the A/C on now, though, cause it got hot out there again.

Why on earth would your Mama want to give you a bath? Don't she know kitties are self cleaning?

Ikaika said...

You look so content in that sunbeam, Miss Brandi!

And I think there is this black hole in houses that eats socks and spoons and cat toys and, well, whatever happens to be close by when it gets hungry. Just my opinion.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

If I were there, woo would have found LOTS of floof under the stove!


Katie and Glogirly said...

Glogirly says everything that's lost is either under the stove or in the dryer. Or next to the butter in the fridge. Nice that she has a theory...not that it works!

xo, Katie

Mr. Pip said...

I love sun puddles, too! You look very happy.

Your pal, Pip

yuki and rocket said...

ooh your mom was brave to look under the stove, everytime our mom cleans under there, she's always afraid of what she might find!!
yuki and rocket

Prancer Pie said...

Too bad your Mama and Traci didn't find some kitteh toys. We keep ours under the fridge! Enjoy your sunpuddles Miss Brandi. xoxo

Shaggy and Scout said...

Sunpuddles are wonderful. We are glad you have some good ones!
We hope she forgets about the bath too!

KSO said...

Hello Brandi! Glad I found you, hope you enjoyed your sunny day, looks like you love basking in the sun!

Karen said...

happy gotcha day

Pixel and Samba

Brian said...

Happy Gotcha Day sweet Brandi!

Alfie | Alfie's Blog said...

Bet she will never forget to feed you as long as you remember to *remind* her! I like to bark when I get hungry, but I'm sure kitties do it a little differently *waggy tail*

Alasandra, The Cats and A Dog said...

Brandi, hope you have a Happy Gotcha Day!!!!!

Alasandra, The Cats and A Dog said...

We are hoping we said Gotcha Day and not Birthday. Anyway hopes you have a wonderful Gotcha Day and get lots of treats.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yes, Jan drops things all the time too. She recently had to move the washer to retrieve a knife, but found 3. Yep, 3 thin knives that had fallen down the crack between the washer and the sink. No toys or noms there, though.

Happy Blogoversary, Brandi.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Brandi, we stopped by to wish you a happy Gotcha Day!