September 8, 2012

A Wordy Saturday

Oh, hello. Mom's been up for hours, and I told her she better type my stuff and forget cleaning, emails, other blogs, the news, breakfast, and fixing stuff.  Our Swiffer Wet Mop wouldn't work again and we can't get Windows One Note to stop opening up when we start the puter. She fixed the mop, but hasn't got the One Note to GO AWAY. She has tried several different ways, got lots of hints on line, and it still pops up when the puter is turned on.  We don't use it, and I want it gone.  Oh, well.  It took mom about a year to finally get my blog redone to the three column style (thank you, thank you thank you for ALL your help, by the way), so I imagine it will take that long to figure this out.  Like, why did that start doing that? We didn't tell the puter to do that. And how can we make it go away when all the directions we've gotten don't seem to do it?
Anyhow, mom spent some of yesterday downtown at the senior center, and she needed more cleaning stuff (no, no, no!), and brought some microwave popcorn home (and I only eat the cheese flavored stuff, and that she didn't buy). At least she brought some of her lunch home...ahhh, turkey and Havarti cheese.
She couldn't get anything else, cause we don't have the green papers. She's still really worried cause we are still behind in intsurance payments (she's afraid of getting dis-enrolled and not be able to get her medicines--particularly the intsulin). Which is why she didn't spend a lot of money.
They were offering a deal at Target on a new mop with lots of extras, but it was more money than she spent all day.  And besides, she fixed ours!
They had weird pictures in the center. Every month they change.  This month it was "art" from the 20's and 30's.  Mama said she really didn't want to see a lot of bare boobies and bare tushies!  Almost right in front of her was a picture of a lady showing her bare tushie.  She said yuck, and a lot of other people there said, well, it IS art.  And it lead to the guys telling dirty jokes. That's not what art is sposed to do, right?
Somehow we need about $500 or so right now, to bring all our bills up to date (including the intsurance) and at least get me one trip to the vet (and I needs lab works bad, too, and probably medicines).  The money generously given to us so far has paid for foodies and some back insurance and medicines, and we know there are lots of beans and kitties out here that need stuff, too, so we are more than grateful for what we already have been given.  At least one month we didn't have to totally rely on the food shelf! Mommy still misses her peanut butter and her crumpets. It's been several months since she has seen them, since it's not exactly essential. But we were quite desperate for awhile.  Well, at least she was. I had plenty of foodies. She had to figure out what to do with a few cans of soup and vegetables, so we wented to the food shelf. That's sposed to be like a week's food. Ha!
So anyway, enough of that.  The day is sunny, and I am sitting in sunpuddles on my bed, and the windows are open and there is a nice crisp breeze that is coming in.  A few days ago the wind was soo blowy that one of the blinds fell. Fixable. But crazy LOUD. It's just pleasant today. I think fall is coming.  But none of the trees around here have started turning colors yet.
Mom wishes she had a new camera, cause ours died.  She could take more pictures of me, maybe (and I mean maybe), and some of the flowers and stuff around here before winter!
Tomorrow is Mo Cats Day. And also one of mommy's brother's birthday. He turns 67, mom says.  That's not even close to my age in human years! Ha! I'm HIS older niece!
Enjoy your Saturday, all,
Pray heartily for those in need,
and be thankful for what you have,


Prancer Pie said...

Sweet Brandi, we our purrayin fur you and your Mommy. Mebbe your V-E-T could work something out with your Mommy. You need that checkup. Enjoy your fall temps. We just got some cooler air today. Yay! XOXOXO

Cotton said...

I'm sure you can't wait for your mommy's bro's birfday, huh? I'm 35 this year,in doggy years, hehe!
Mo Cats Day sounds really interesting...

Rene said...

We are sorry you are still behind in your payments. :-( I agree with Prancer Pie--perhaps your mom could call your vet and work out a deal. You are a senior girl and need your medical care too.