September 22, 2012

Oh, Please

Anyone out there who can help:
we now have mozilla firefox as a browser
We cannot get adobe flash to work 
It says it crashed.
We have tried.  We reinstalled Java
We tried to install Adobe again
It won't.  It says crashed. there is a problem.
We tried to debug.
It won't debug. A blank page shows up.
Mommy is not a tech.  We need step by step help.
Please, someone out there??? 
When the nice man fixed our puter on line he ignored the problem sign about adobe. Wouldn't fix it.
We can't afford to spend any more green papers on this.
So far, over 4 hours of mommy's frustrations have been spent today.
She has medical issues she would rather spend her time on, right now.
Alert: I think it's fixed. thanks all 


Sherlock, Ash and Traveler said...

Don't worry Brandi--help is on the way! I will contact Jan of Jan's funny farm and see if she can give you some suggestions.
We love you~ hang tight!
Sherlock,Ash and Traveler
PS our bloggie has been acting odd latley-- it won't show the dates we post things and we aren't sure what's going on...

Nerissa said...

I used to use Firefox for my blog but then Blogger got all boogery on me and I'm using Google now for my blog. I'm still using Firefox for Facebook 'cause I like Firefox better but for my blog, I went with the Google. Can you try Google and see if that works?

Sherlock, Ash and Traveler said...

Hi Brandi. I told Jan over at Jan's funny farm about your 'puter problems and this is what she e-mailed me:
Hey, Brandi, seems there was a problem with IE the other day and I suggested you use Firefox. I have a short memory any more, so I could be wrong.
First, please visit this site:

it will tell you whether you have the latest Shockwave player.
At that line, right below Shockwave is a link to find out what version of Flash you have.
Browsers are to the left and what version they need is to the right.
Are you up to date on both?
If you aren't,going to the first link will bring up an updated download box.
You can click out of it and go to the flash site if you don't want to update right away.
Let me know which version you have, and which version you should have, if they are different.
I hope everything gets better soon! We hate computer problems and know how hard it is when the blog is down.
Lots of love XOXO
Sherlock and the gang

Cotton said...

I'z sorry but me and mommy no is good at computer stuffs.
Sorry and I hope it all gets fixered soon!

Prancer Pie said...

We are glads you gots it fixed. (paws crossed) Our Mommy is very stoopid wif the 'puter. Jan is very savvy. She has helped us before, too. Thank cod, fur blog furriends! XOXOXO

Nerissa said...

So glad all is well with your computer now. YEAH!!!