September 18, 2012

Tuesday Morning

Mommy founded this picture (no, she didn't take it) of our historic Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi:

If she biggyfies it, it gets all blurry. Sorry.  Somewhere over the bridge (she thinks) is where we live.  Way over.  You can't see anything, can you? Thought not. Anyway we live north of this bridge a couple of miles.  That's the Mississippi, and if you had turned around if you were there you would see  south and downtown.
Anyway, it is getting colder here, and mommy only left one window sorta open a few inches last night.  The weatherman said cover your plants overnight, so that must mean it was time to give your plants blankets. We don't have any outside plants up here. There is no window ledge to put anything on, and we are too high up. And when the windows were open it was kinda chilly.
Mommy is mad at me.  When she cleaned the living room floor last night, I peed on it right in front of her.  She wouldn't give me any Tempies last night.  This morning I gotted a snuggle, but so far, no Tempies or Denties or anything but my regular foodies and water. I really really messed up. And I did it again.


Rene said...

Oh no, Brandi--you made a mistake! Hope your mom forgives you soon.

The Meezers or Billy said...

oh Brandi, it was a assydent! it happens. WE still love you

yuki and rocket said...

uh-oh brandi, we haven't had an accident since we were first being housebroken, so i think we'd feel really embarrassed about it. Actually, Yuki had an accident right after she was spayed, she went poo on her vet, BOL!

Rocket (and embarrased Yuki)

Sherlock, Ash and Traveler said...

Oh Brandi! We have something to confess (Sherlock had an accident on Mom last night). But our humans always forgive us! Your Mom will forgive you too because you are just too sweet and you are you!
Lots of Luv
xoxo Sherlock,Ash and Travler

William said...

Things happen sometimes, Brandi. Your mom's probably already forgiven you.

Thank you for stopping by to leave condolences for Olivia. It meant a lot to us during this sad time in our life.

Katie and Glogirly said...

We know that bridge! We live about a mile from there! Yup, it's starting to look like fall, but fall is our favorite time of the year!
: ) Katie & Glogirly