September 25, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Good morning. I think.  It still 20 o'dark here, and mama is up.  She has to leave later this morning for the day, so now she gets to do my stuff.  Silly old doctors again.  She has to check in with her diabetic nurse (he's a he nurse) and her general practitioner (planned before the knee thing, but that's going to be one of the topics). She still has to get a orthopeedist appointment, too.  Better her than me.  Although we both like our medical beans very much, so what am I complaining about?
I will just spend my afternoon snoozing without any interruptions. Well, I will miss her a little.  And she better give me Tempies the minute she gets home! And, mom, don't forget to leave me some foodies so I don't starve and some water so I don't feel like I am in the Sahara Desert all day.  I have better things to do than starve and be thirsty.  There's plenty of naps to be taken and short grazings of the food and water. So remember!
Have a beautiful Tuxie Tuesday, all,


Katie Isabella said...

Hi Honey. I have missed you and I too have had a hard time getting mom to stay here and help me. xxxooo

Rene said...

We hope you mom does ok with all the doctors and hugs are being sent to her.

Nerissa said...

Sweet dreams, Brandi... Sweet dreams... purrs

yuki and rocket said...

hope evrything goes well for your mom at the doctor. at least you're a cat, you guys are way more independent than us dogs. we're not to sure how we'd take it if mom left us at home alone for more than a few hours, but at least it will
just be for the afternoon.

yuki and rocket

Shaggy and Scout said...

Best of everything to you mom! Hope shes doing better!

Groucho said...

We do hope that everything goes ok at those drs and all those medical appointments and, of course, that your Tempies are provided promptly! Good luck, we are thinking of you, hope it all goes well.