September 21, 2012

We Crashed!

Yes, our puter crashed yesterday and we were not able to do anything.  We spent hours and hours (okay, three--that's bad enough). The one thing we couldn't do was Blogger.  We couldn't post, we couldn't comment, we couldn't do anything.  When we finally connected to the experts, they had to go over our whole puter and fix eighty-leben things. So sposedly now we won't freeze up all the time, get error messages, have to hard boot when we get stuck, etc, etc, and we can post and comment on here, and we have to get used to the foxfire firewall and browser (good-bye IE). It ottomatically put us one the new blogger style (we are not used to it), which we hate.  We have to learn a new browser AND the new blogger and, well, BLAGH! You KNOW mommy is no techie!!
Mommy is going to leave today, and it's yucky out. So we'll have the whole weekend to figure this all out. And I get to finally sleep.
Anyway, she has to run errands today and stuff, her knee hurts, and she just spent a hundred green papers to get this stoopid puter to work.
Any help would be appreciated.  As we have to buy food and pay bills and I want my Tempies!
And I don't want to have to listen to her worry even more about how we are going to pay this, and that, and the other thing. I already have to listen to her about this puter!!! 
So that's the update.

Emergency note:  Mommy hurted her knee when she got off the Metro Bus really bad. She got to the bank.  She got a cup of coffee, but couldn't remember where the ladybean's litterbox was so she ended up walking a LONG way through the skyway and another building where she knew there was a litterbox. At that point she ended up  in so much pain she called 911 and went to the Emergency Room. And spend the next 6 hours there. Needless to say, this is expensive. So she has even more to worry about. Her arthur-itis is now very very bad and she has to go to a special doctor as soon as possible. And they gave her a little old lady walker. Probably permanent. Can anyone help? We're even worse off financially than before!!!


Prancer Pie said...

Glad to hear you're back online, sweet Brandi. We understand bout crazy Mamas. We have one. MOL! XOXO

Mr. Pip said...

So sorry about the computer!!! That's no fun when things break down.

Have a great weekend.

Your pal, Pip

Cotton said...

Lucky, the crashings has uncrashed!

Sherlock, Ash and Traveler said...

Is your mom okay after calling 911?! We hope she is safe and we are praying for her!!
Sherlock,Ash and Traveler