March 20, 2013

Another Morning Conversation at Our Place

Mommy, it's been several days now and we haven't written anything.
I know.
I know you had a doctor appointment on Monday.  Tuesday you didn't have an excuse except "doing research". I think you were playing on the internet.
But it was research for some of Mommy's medical problems.
Oh.  Anything good?
Nope.  I think I should have researched why you talk so much to me!  All last evening, for example.  All I heard was you meowing.
If you listened, I maybe wouldn't have to talk so much.
Well, tomorrow I am going to be gone again, so save up some conversation for tomorrow and Friday, 'k?
And when are you going to help me post my award??
Mom?  Mommy??


Tillie and Georgia said...

Quinn, sometimes Moms do get distracted :/ Your Mom will listen to you son,maybe Friday :)
We purr she is feeling good and her medical problems are not too serious.
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

Nerissa said...

Hey there! Just to answer the question you left on my blog.

I think it just takes time. Time and LOTS of reminders. There are still cats out there who think I'm a girl but I think it's okay that they think that. I mean... I am neutered. But I'm a HANDSOME MANCAT, too.

It's all my peep's fault, you know. She went and gave me a girls' name.