March 1, 2013

Friday Catch Up

Mommy forgot that yesterday was Squillions Day! For shame! We got our new Angel Squillions on our sidebar, Suki, Sasha and brandi. And we have our VSquillion Sister Paxie. But don't forget our Squillion sisters Fraxie and Maxie!
Maxie is the little one. Fraxie came first.
Today is Dr. Seuss Day, but since mommy isn't a good rhymer and doesn't know photoshop, she says we'll skip that one. Enjoy the blogs that are celebrating with Cat in the Hat and other such fun. We will!
And have a nice weekend where ever you are (hot or cold climates).


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yes, better late than never. That's become our motto. We're surprised when we're on time any more. :)

meowmeowmans said...

Thank you for sharing your Squillions with us, Quinn. We especially love the brandi one, since she was our friend.

Happy Dr. Seuss Day, and happy weekend to you and Mom!

Cathy Keisha said...

I didn't even know about Dr. Seuss Day, not that TW could think of anything to write. Our sads are working themselves out.