March 16, 2013

We're Sort of Back

We apologize for not being around lately.   Here's an update:
Tuesday night Mommy missed the meeting and stayed home. She decided she didn't want the stress (and sometimes anger) she gets when she does go. One of her sisters called, and one of her brothers called about three times!
Wednesday we were home.  Mommy had some medicines delivered.  That was it.
Thursday and Friday: Oh, we wanted to be here.  We read a few blogs.  But mostly the internets gods decided to freeze us out. Every where we went on the internet, we got frozen.  Mommy gave up and read her book. We finally got to read Mousebreath TODAY!
Today is sunny and pretty. Mommy pretty much wants me to hush.  I am very talkative today. So there.  Lots to say! (wish mommy understood half of it. okay, most of it).
So there you are.  I won an award, but we will work on it another day. Thank you Athena.
Mommy decided to get off the computer while it still works today. Which doesn't make much sense. So I'm still talking to her! She's going to hear a lot from me today! (I love the attention anyway!)


Hannah and Lucy said...

Oh don't worry Quinn sometimes Mr. Blogger has a tantrum and won't co-operate.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Our computer froze up online last night just before Jan was going to shut it down. That is never fun. Hope your computer and internet will keep working for you so you can keep up with your friends. Be well.

Prancer Pie said...

Good to hear from you and Mom! We understand bout innernets freezing up. That aggravates us about our new home. Our old place just didn't do that. Grrr! Have a nice weekend! XOXOXOX

Karen Jo said...

I am sorry about thinking you were a mancat, Quinn. I am also sorry that your internet isn't behaving as it should. I hope you have lots of fun together.

Nerissa said...

The internet does funny things, I think. Likes to keep us on our toes. purrs

Sweet Purrfections said...

Our computer is giving our mom a hard time lately, too. Good to see you.

Groucho said...

ah Quinn, we know how that feels! Sometimes, those computer and internet and wifi things are just sent to try our patience but it was nice that you managed to say hello today!!!