July 17, 2013

Sort of Wordy Wednesday

Thank you those of you who made it over here yesterday. And thanks for cleaning up! Mommy didn't suspect a thing. Except she found lots of different color furs on the daybed. Oh, well. So we're not purrfect sometimes.
Yesterday it made it up to 92 degrees F.  Today I think it will be worse. Mommy's staying home today! Don't forget to vote at the Petties. And it would help if you voted for Glogirly, cause there would be monies going to Feline Rescue, which is where I found Mommy, and it is the nicest place with the nicest humans. Really. They clean every day and make sure everyone is played with and is feeling okay and is eating properly. They are particularly caring towards disabled kitties, making sure they have lots of love. Love is VERY important. For all of us!
Stay cool, you who are in hot places. Shade, cool water if you are outside.
I would almost suggest lakes and pools, but I'll leave those to the woofies.

There was a reason I wouldn't let anyone on the office chair.  It was infected with a bug. Or lots of bugs. Mommy had it removed this morning. Now all we have left is one folding chair and a rocking chair. If you could donate a little towards her getting another office chair, that would be so nice. Thank you very very much.

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Prancer Pie said...

We missed the pawty!!! Well, no matter, we'll pop over and visit for a while. No house-trashin, though. (we'll leave Princeton at home!)

Happy Thursday, sweet Quinn! XOXO