July 3, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Mommy has been soooo lazy when it comes to my blog lately.  Oh, sure, we read our friends blogs and leave some comments, but she keeps saying "oh, I have to post this cute picture of you, oh, I have to let you tell about this new thing, or this happening" and all the sudden it is afternoon and guess what: NO POST.
Same thing is happening today.  But even if it's afternoon here, Mommy you are going to blog!
So here is my Wordy Wednesday which should have been Tuxie Tuesday or Monday News or, well you get the idea.

The weather has been really nice, and the windows have been open, and we have been having  sunpuddles and no rain!  I have been getting lots of nice massages (well, okay, lonnnggg massages. And I know that's one of Mommy's reasons for not letting me blog earlier today, but oooh it was so nice I didn't want her to stop!).
I have adopted a new place to hang out (top of a rolling cart in  my room that's by the windows). And I really really want in the pantry, but Mommy keeps saying NO. I did get in a couple of times. :-)
So July first was Canada Day (we hope our Canadian friends enjoyed their special day) and now the celebrations roll down to the States and tomorrow is our Independence Day. Other countries are having their own celebrations and festivals this summer (Bastille Day in France, the Jubilee in England AND the Royal Birth coming up, etc.). Isn't it nice to celebrate instead of mourn sad happenings?
We all should be more patriotic about our countries this summer and CELEBRATE. We need happy things around the Blogosphere!
Love to you all,
NOW Mommy, we can read some blogs!


Rene said...

Oh what a sweet photo of you, Quinn! And yes, it is glad to celebrate happy news!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

quinn ~~~~~~ wee bee layin low & hidin…..til after de 4th…heerez hopin ewe haza safe holiday anda grate week oh end; grill much trout !!

Nerissa said...

Well, thank you very much! I DID have a good Canada Day up here in Canada. And we're lookin' forward to the royal birth, too, 'cause it's our royal family as well. And I hope that you have a WONDERFUL FOURTH OF JULY tomorrow! Bet you will. Bet it'll come along with a few of those massages, too. Great way to spend a holiday, I think.


Cathy Keisha said...

Happy Independence Day! That pic sure is cute. I get the same story from TW. By the time she gets around to posting about something, she's forgotten what it is.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Our mom gets our posts up on a daily basis, but we're way behind on visiting everyone, especially with Google Reader ending.