July 7, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

I hope everyone in the US has survived the celebrations. Mommy opened the blinds and watched several displays towards the east of us (Roseville, St. Paul area, and even off in the south east the fairgrounds). Maybe I shouldn't say towards, cause most of them were off in the distance.  Which meant mommy was happy seeing fireworks, but I was happy they were silent.
Yes, I stayed with her and didn't hide.  The neighborhood folks shot off a handful of boomers and that was it. Easy Peasy.
Mommy got her binoculars out and the fireworks appeared closer.  I found that the dangly thing that's supposed to be placed around the neck (mommy didn't do that) is a very fine toy. When she put the binoculars down, I played with the dangly thing and it was lots of fun.  Mommy even didn't say I couldn't!
Now this picture WAS taken during the fireworks on the 4th (after playing with the dangly thing and still while mommy was watching the fireworks):
 See how I really was relaxed! Of course, Mommy was close by during all the "fuss" and that always helps!
Mommy took a picture of me on my new perch this weekend. A not very good one, I must say, but here it is:
She'll probably sneek more, and they will be better. The "Rolling Storage" (see, mommy, I can read!) is in my room right by the window.  This picture was taken in the afternoon, so there are no sunpuddles but it is a nice place to curl up, anyway, even without them.
That's my weekend wrap-up. Today is just as relaxing. *yawn* Nice day for a few naps! Mommy has left the a/c cooly thing on all weekend cause of the humidity and heat.  Isn't she nice? *yawn*
See you!
Run free, Olive, we love you.


Prancer Pie said...

What a great way to spend the Fourth! We're so glad you didn't hide UTB like the rest of us scaredy-cats! Have a super easy Sunday, sweet Quinn. XOXOXO

Nerissa said...

Sounds like you had a really great weekend. Lots of mommy time and not too much bangin' and boomin' fireworks time. Perfect!


Happy Cat Family said...

Lucky you to not have to deal with all the BOOMS! We are so over them! Here is Texas we have lots of booms.... for one reason or another.... if you catch my drift...

Athena said...

I don't mind fireworks. I like watching them through the window. The noise is a bit annoying though!

Swami Zoe said...

Glad you enjoyed the fireworks! They occur on the eve of my birthday, and I always enjoy my pre-celebratory fireworks! Me-Ommmm

Jacqueline said...

We are so glad you and your wonderful Mommy had a fun July 4 and really glad to hear you didn't have to put up with those evil firework noises, beautiful Quinn=YAY!!...Yes, that was a photo of our real home posted on our July 4 blog; we've been there almost 3 years and we love it...Also, there is central air and heat in Mommy Cat/Daddy Cat's garage apartment; they were feral kitties for 10 years at our old house=they slept and ate in our garage, but we brought them with us and now they come inside the house all the time, but prefer their own place=they like being indoor kitties now...Happy Monday, dear friend...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

The Lee County Clowder said...

We didn't have much trouble with the boomers and bangs, but we all spent most of the last few days tucked in the house anyway, just in case.

Stay cool and comfy

Oui Oui said...

Our mom usually goes to see fireworks but she spent this year with us cause of MMM's fur problems. We're glad you didn't have any of the booms.

One of the things our mom wanted to do while we were off was your avatar, but so many unexpected things happened, she didn't have a chance. She'll be on vacation in August, so she is hoping for then. Purrs!