July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I'm not sure if I should be thankful or not, but Mommy says yes.  She got another package. ANOTHER! And it wasn't for me.  It is a chair. But it's for Mommy:
 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BOX! So I guess THAT'S what she meant.  Thankful for a new box.  Okay: 
I guess I should say I am thankful for a new box (as long as she lets me keep it), and Mommy is thankful her tush won't hurt anymore on that hard folding chair (you can see part of it to the right of the box).

She just can't pay her health insurance this month.... and is thankful the chair probably isn't too much green papers that she can't  buy my kitty litter. Whoa. Probably??? Help!


Cathy Keisha said...

Can't pay Health Insurance. Hopefully when the Affordable Care Act kicks in, she won't have that worry. I do like your new box and I bet you use that chair also.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're so glad your mom was able to get a new chair. It's important to be comfortable when sitting. We hope something good happens to help her this month.

Katie Isabella said...

I love your box and I love you. You are so handsome.

Rene said...

That sounds like a win for you, Quinn. The box is way better than any chair!

Nerissa said...

I bet your mom will let you 'borrow' that chair sometimes. I bet she will.


Shaggy and Scout said...

That chair looks to be quite spiffy!