April 2, 2006

End of the Weekend

Some kitties have commented their beans have lost time this weekend. Loosing an hour doesn't sound that bad. That's like a naptime... Anyway, it was rainy and blah this weekend, so we snuggled and stuff a lot. I stayed on Mama's lap for hours this afternoon. She brushed me and everything!

Hope efurry one had a good weekend. Lots of love and scritchies and crunchies and maybe stinky goodness!

And maybe some aventure???


Oreo said...

Of couse you can have a crush on me! Just don't tell Dimples!

PrincessMia said...

Ooh I had great fun! I gotted to go outside TWICE. It was bright and sunny and all the birdies and squirrelies were out.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

It was a crappy weekend, but today is nice & sunny. Mom needs the sun to keep her happy.

William said...

Hi Brandi,

Thanks for visiting me. I'm glad your mom found you when she did and now we all have a new kid in the community!

I'm hiding under the comforter for awhile but I'll add your link when I come out again.