April 18, 2006

Hey, lovely day

Ooh, mama had to go to work today, and it is soooooo nice out. The birdies are here, and I heard there was a sqabble out front today. Mr. Squirrel is a long time resident, and there was an interloper today, trying to get his food. The people in the building are very nice about putting out food for him, and also birdie food for the birdies. But a new squirrel tried to get Mr. Squirrel's food today, and he did not ask Mr. Squirrel nicely. Mr. Squirrel ended up making the stranger leave. One of the birdies helped him.

We live in the back of the building, so I didn't get to see everything. But Mr. Squirrel is a neighborhood friend, and he came around to tell us the story. There are lots of kitties who live in the back of the building, so he makes his rounds.

Mr. Squirrel is very nice, middle-aged, and he has only half a tail. He won't tell how it happened, he just says it was very traumatic, and sad. He lost his wife a few years back when he lost his tail. And his kids have moved on and don't visit him. Mr. Squirrel spends his time at our building and down the street at the church. If someone asks nicely, he will share his food with other squirrels, but only if they ask nicely. Manners are important, he says.

Anyway, I hope the good weather lasts, but something tells me (mama) there are some rainy days ahead.

Hope your day goes well. Wishing you lots of birdies to sing to you, nice weather, and friendly neighbors (like my Mr. Squirrel), and lovely naps.

The cartoony is something new. I am grey and white, but this kitty has plenty of catitude, like me. :-)

If you like this, let me know. Thanks.


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Neat Cat illustration! We have an albino squirrel in our neighborhood. He can't hide so good now that the snow is gone!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi, Brandi! I likes the pictor, but maybe for Halloween? We gots nice weather, too, but the windows are closed all day. I get so acited when my beans finally open the windows! Today, Mom opened the window ofur the backyard just in time for me to see all the woofies from next door an across. An then Mr an Mrs Cardinal went by, an a bee, an kids, an... well, then I had to run to the other window.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Yes, we like the cartoon of you.