July 9, 2006

Horrible News

Saturday Mama wented out early in the morning. Then, a bunch of naps later there was this banging on the door. It was Mama. She was breathing hard, and the door didn't open.... Then she lefted!

A bunch of time later there was a thundering noise at the door. Loud grindly sounds. I was SO scared I hid. It went on for ever! Grindly sounds. Banging! Horrible! On and on, and I was so scared!!!

Then, finally they stopped. I heard mama come in. It was quiet. I...I.... Ok, it was kinda nice in the window where I hid and I decided to nap the horrible loud time away.

About a nap later or two or three, I woke up and found Mama in the room with me. She asked me if I had been scared. Silly. Of course. She snuggled me and tolded me we had a new lock and doorknob on the front door. The old ones broke and hadn't let her in.


Now we really don't have any money.

Oh, the interview wented ok Friday. They will let her know next week. She took water with her.... It was really hot! She said the two menbeans were very nice and they would be her bosses if they decide on her. She also saw the place she would work and said it was a nice little area and she would like it there.

Please hire her. We need a job!!!

And she would like it there, too.

I guess that's not horrible news. The door thingy was!!! I'm still jumpy. Maybe. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


PrincessMia said...

I hope your beanmom gets the job. I'm very upset by what you wrote. I will say a purrayer for you both.

William said...

I think that's a good sign if they showed your mom the work area. Oh, I hope I hope I hope everything works out!

Timmy said...

Oh boy oh boy! I sure hopes she am gonna gets some good news this week! A new lock on the door eh? That sounded very scary. I would have hid under Momma's bed if I hearded those loud sounds! But shmaybe it am a sign? New lock, new job? :) Has a nice ring! We will keep you in our thoughts and hope for good news!

Feline Oligarchy said...

We keep thinking about you and walk around with our paws crossed. The summer heat, a broken door knob and the job search stress is an awful lot for one kitty to be dealing with.

The Meezers said...

Oh Brandi, how horrible! Our mommy says that she hopes your mommy gotted un-em-ployment money from her last job. We are purraying furry hard for her to get a job furry soon.

THE ZOO said...

we's hope all goes'd well. schmaybe she'll get another call from the phone interveiwy people.

Ayla said...

I hope that your mom gets the job Brandi. I know how hard it is to have a parent out of work. We'll all send up prayers and keep our toes crossed.

Beau Beau & Angie said...

It is so scary when we hear bangy noises. Then once you knows that they are then it's not so bad. We hopes your Mom gets the job.