July 30, 2006

Sunday's a Repeat

That's right. A Hot repeat. Blaauugghhh!

The Calico Girls posted a picture of their home in the Piney Woods in Winter. How pretty and nice it looks! And COLD. Ooohh.

Eric and Flynn says it rained where they are in the UK and it's cooler.

Can we end this crap here?? Is there no end in sight?

Mama has an interview tomorrow morning. Can you cool it down so she is okay out there? She also has one Tuesday morning.

There is an opening where she used to work, and she is going to apply for it. Hee hee. Oh and the first girl who took that new position is already gone, and they are working on number two. The jobby where they are looking for someone is in another department.

Bet they regret making her go away. Maybe the other department will hire her back.

Stay cool. Oh, and once more with the wave^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


PrincessMia said...

*doing the wave*

Good luck to your beanmom for tomorrow! Stay cool and keep the faith.

love and purrs,

Beau Beau & Angie said...

We're keeping our paws crossed fur you this week wif your interviews. You finks it's hot now? It's going to be efun hotter here in CT this week. We's jus prayin' the lectricity doesn't go out.

Bravely Sir Robin said...

Isn't it TERRIBLE?? My owner told me how when he lived down south it was HOTTER than here but I can't believe it...the trees would all be big burnt matchsticks and the cars would be melty blobs of metal on the liquid asphalt!!

If anybody doesn't belive in global warming after this summer we ought to make them live in a house WITHOUT air conditioning or fans!! :P

Begging for ice cubes in my water pan,

Your pal Bravely

Timmy said...

This am sounding all way hopeful Brandi! Shmaybe it's a'cause you am dreaming of a white winter! Shmaybe we should all dream of a white winter so that your bean Mom gets all way good luck at her interviews! I'm keepin' mine paws crossed and purrin' hard!!!

The Meezers said...

we will be keeping our paws crossed for your mommy's interviews!

Ayla said...

Oh Brandi, it's really hot here too. It's supposed to get near 100 today and tomorrow. But you know what? It doesn't feel that way inside. The Mom is freezing us all with the a/c constantly blowing. Brrrr.

Tell your mom good luck with finding a job. We're all still praying for her.

Feline Oligarchy said...

We just looked at the Tribune online and saw your headlines "100 degrees today; cooler tomorrow" so maybe you won't be so hot tomorrow? Of course, 99 degrees is cooler than 100. Gees! It's too hot everywhere!

DEBRA said...

How is it hotter up in MN than in FL? Now go figure that one. It'll take a coupla of kittybrains to figure that out.

Try to stay cool and keeps all my paws crossed for your Momma!


Zeus said...

Talk about ironic...

I hope your human lady pet's previous department does call her up and beg her to come back. That would be priceless.

And yes, please end the heat now!!! It's really unbearable!

Eric and Flynn said...

Saturday it rained and rained all day but we didn't care, then Sunday was sunny and not too hot. We thought that this is good. Today it rained nearly all day and is still raining. Now we are getting fed up wiv it cos it's all windy too. Mumbean said this is what English summers are usually like.We don't like it!!! Can you cum an get sum of our rain an bring sum of your sun for us. Purrlease!!!

The Meezers said...

our mommy was watching the talking pikshur box and she saided that the man who says how hot it is saided that it was 108 of those degree things in your city at 5pm today. We hopes that your mommy is ok from being out in the heat today.

Patches & Mittens said...

It has cooled down nicely, finely. Down in the upper 70's, but would you believe it was 42 this morning!!!! More like our nights, cold.

Best of luck on your interviews! We are all sending good vibes and thinking of you.

Calicomom Toni

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

We keep wavin', but we don't know if it's helpin'! We are all sendin' purrs for your mom. We bet the old job people realize what a mistake they made!