July 25, 2006

An Update for Tuesday

Okay, okay. Maybe YOU don't like winter cause you can't go outside, but I am an indoor kitty, anyway. I like snuggling with mama and watching the snow fall out the window and nice naps on the comforters (we have three), blankets (a couple), and a lambswool warmy thing just for me. But ok, fall is nice, too. And comfy with my furs.

We have a zillion naps til FALL, okay? I just hate the heat and it's getting old fast! It's making me old fast.

Mama met with the owner today, and gaved him money for June rent. It is almost paid. Now we have to worry bout July and August. Medical will take a while, and the EBT will too. She said he was actually nice to her. Especially since she could give him at least part of the rent. He said if other people didn't pay the rent they would be victed, but she has been here a lonngg time, so he will be patient. The only thing is, he hates me. He hates all cats.


Other news about Mama: She is waiting "on pins and needles" (what ever that is. Haven't seen the pins and needles around here, well, maybe the needles--my mama's a diabetic) for the clinic to tell her she has the job. She should hear something by tomorrow. AND, you know that place where she gives her blood away to help people? She has an interview there next Tuesday! She said that was neat.

Hire her, someone! I want to give her a big pizza for a celebration and share the hamm!!

Love to you all, and gratitude for the assistance, prayers and love you give to us. Keep cool. And remember we pray for all of you in return.

(shower with mama??? *kitty shudder*)

Let's do the wave again, okay?? ^^^^^^^^^


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we'll keep wavin our fluffy tails ta try ta make breezys but we don't wanna take a shower cause we don't like water much, cept Grr who likes ta lay in puddles an drop stuff in the water bowl an do splashies wif her paw in our water fountain, but we like ice - do you?

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

oooh-you have tiny little icy cubies just fur you? LUCKY! we have big reglar size ones but the Lady puts em in our bowl an in our fountain an drops em on the floor fur us ta play wif. an yeah, we meant the frozen water kinda ice cause we don't do drugs cept fur nip an we do lotsa that! we still wanna tell you bout the pink thing we sended you but the Lady won't let us. look fur it in a package from Oreo an let us know if you likes it

Lone Star Purrs said...

We'll try to send some of our rain to you.
~Meeko & Kiara

Eric and Flynn said...

hello Brandi and Brandi's mom. Fanks for visiting our new blog. We haf been furry busy going to effurry other kitties blogs to say hello and fank you to them.We don't like all this nasty hotness eifurr. We bofe like water, but Big E the most. When we were little kitties and went to the V.E.T. to stop us being daddy kitties,when our mum bean collected us the V.E.T. man said Eric was sat in his cage with his front feet in his water bowl. Our mum said not to worry cos he likes sitting in water. We haf a stream in our field and he likes walking in it to keep cool and then he startsflicking it over me, and mum says "Eric you are getting Flynn soaked!" but I don't mind. We hope effurrything works out ok for you and your bean.

William said...

I like winter to snuggle too!

Did your mom get that delivery? Mine will have to track it if not.

Donna said...

Have you tried signing up with a placement/temp agency? That's how I got my job. I usually love my job, just not this week - new accounting system to learn, behind already and month end us coming up! Just a suggestion.

Edsel/The Pooch said...

we're doin' the wave, tryin' to send breezes your way...

DEBRA said...

Ooo Grr has a nice suggestion wif da ice. Put a bowl of it behinded the fan and see if that sends out cool air?!

Wees is keepin your Momma in our purrayers and hopin she finds werk real soon.

*ABBY & the gang

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Oh Brandi! How could anyone hate cats, specially one as sweet as you. Even though he's bein' nice to your Mom about the late rent and stuff, we don't like him!


PrincessMia said...


Good luck, good luck, good luck! You are most welcome. I will keep purraying for you both.

Stay positive!

Zeus said...

We definitely will keep our paws and fingers crossed that your human lady pet finds work soon. At least you both have made it this far, and you will continue to do so!

If it is to be, it is up to me!

Stay positive! :)