July 19, 2006

Rainy Wednesday

Now, it is muggy out. But it is also a LOT cooler. Like in the 70's not the 90's! Yeahhh! Rained a lot today, and mostly everyone in the neighborhood was trying to stay dry. But the wormies camed up for drinks! Or maybe not to be drowned. Never figured that one out. And they don't talk.

My mama had an interview this morning at a place she likes (again, she likes every job she goes and interviews for). She met the ladybeans she would work with and said they were friendly. And when she camed home someone called her for another interview for next Monday for a different job!

Now if somebean would like her nuff to hire her!!!

Fraxy and I hung out and nappied together this afternoon. She sure is a quiet one! Fraxy is grey like me, and the insides of her ears are pink. She is ever so cute and sweet. A little shy, but maybe I'm a little too intimmydating. I have been the only kitty here for several years, and I have to get used to sharing again.

On my way to catch up on stuff here on the blogs, and then I will let Mama have the computer for awhile.

Just think. In a couple of months (and a squillion naps) we will be cool cats again!!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we're so glad you came to our bloggie to say hi! Oreo told us to tell our Lady to make us a bloggie an she did. we'd be very happy to have a link on yours, thank you. we like meeting new kitty furrends! say hi to Fraxy for us. we're waiting for Darkle to get to our house. we sure hope your mama finds a good job right away - PURRS!

PrincessMia said...

Yay! for your beanmom. I know out of all those beans interviewing, at least one bean will pick her. Stay positive. Fraxy sounds like a cutie with her lil' pink ears and gray body. I'm sure she's not as cute as you, though! Purrs to you and your beanmom.

DEBRA said...

Keep us posted on how efurryfink turns out for your beanMom! Glad it isn't so hot!