April 18, 2007

Another Gorgeous Day

I have been spending a lot of time stretched out snoozing today. In the 60's, which is mama and my favorite temps!

Mama finished up her half week with the one boss and then went on to the other boss this afternoon. They kept apologizing about all the data entry, and she said, hey it's fun. She likes working on reports, and is learning about the contracts department. They said at some point she will be writing contracts. Wow! She said there is a lot to learn!

Now if we could just get our utilities paid up we would have enough for rent after the 3rd. But still no moving money, or food money or much of anything. It's just too tight right now. That's what is worrying mama. Two months without an income kinda got to us. And it's gonna take time to get back to normal. Mama says maybe by mid summer we will be back to normal, and be able to finally relax. When we move there will be stuff on her wish list, like a new cleaning monster, and a futon, and maybe then some fun stuff for the apartment, maybe some new flatware, even high speed internet! She already has some new things for me (a new litterbox) and she wants to maybe set up a place for my toys to be stored, and maybe a kitty mat for my bowls, and maybe other stuff I haven't thought up yet!

My own cupboard for food! What else should be on my own wish list. Hmm, I have toys, blankies, bowls, a brush. Maybe one of those zoomgroom things? Let me think........

Love, headbumpies, hugs for all, purrayers too, and a smooch for my Sugar Pie,


Kimo & Sabi said...

Nice to hear yer momma likes her jobbie!

Lux said...

I'm really glad to hear things are going well with the job!

Boy said...

That's gweat Bwandi!
Hope it'll be weawwy soon that you and your Mama can wewax. I think your Mama weawwy deserves it, doesn't she?

Jane said...

Here's hoping your Mum's second week at her new job is as good as the first. Soon there will be ham for Brandi! Good luck with the apartment hunting too :)