April 15, 2007

Sunday Meanness

Mama has been very mean to me all afternoon. And cruel. And nasty. And I hate it. Hate it!

It smells like chicken. It has smelled like chicken all afternoon. It's been driving me crazy. Crazy!
Oh, wait. Maybe if I'm really really nice to her she'll give me some.

Please mama?

I really like crock pot chicken. Really! Please?? I love you!

Mama is making crock pot chicken casserole so that she doesn't have to do anything but warm it up when she comes home from work the next few days. But the smell is making me very very hungry.

Love, headbumpies and hugs for all, and a special hello for my sweetie,

ps. In the midst of all the happy dancing around here (better than a diet) there is some sobering stuff. We have been living on nothing the last two months. We have paid rent to the landlord, but we are still asked to leave. He has just been understanding that we have 24 years of stuff to go through, and until mama gotted another jobbie we couldn't move anyway. Especially since he wants us out but will not give a reference (he never does for anyone here). Yes, no matter what, he wants us out. He has never liked cats, and doesn't like people who accumulate "stuff". He thinks that's being "dirty". But now mama has a jobbie, so, we are out. No one has been helping us at all. All the money we have has gone towards rent, bus fare, and a little food. What little we had saved for a deposit and stuff is all we have. We need help with getting the utilities up to date, and with moving. We have tried charities, but all the money seems to be gone. Please pray for us. Mama has been not spending anything on herself, just stuff to survive. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we still have a ways to go. If we had been able to move at the end of Feburuary, we would still be okay, I think. Anyway, that is still what my mama is worrying about. That, and she won't have insurance for a couple of months still. Like I said, please pray for us. We still need that. But we are trying to think of the good stuff. Thanks.


The Meezers said...

we is saying a speshul purrayer that your momma's ferst day of werk goes furry furry well.

Derby said...

Good luck to your mum tomorrow on her first day at work!

Lone Star Purrs said...

We're keepin' y'all in owr thoughts and prayers. The chicken fingie sounds yummy!!! You may haf to post how to make it!
~meeko, kiara, emmy

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Brandi, our mom can make a donation if you send her a name and address. You can send it to jakeandbathshebaATyahooDOTcom. We can only imagine how rough it must be to start from scratch.


Tara said...

Your momma has made that first big step...it will only get better...lots of purrs and meezer energy.

Boy said...

Wots of purrs for your Mama!
Mine Mummy and me weawwy hope that your Mama's new jobbie will go vewy well and you get a nice new pwace to stay in vewy soon!

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

oh bradi those crock pots are the worst they smell so yummy and then mama just say no !!!! we praying all goes well for mama frist day of work

Mu shue

THE ZOO said...

oh mercy we hope it really goes well tomorrow at your new job. we is really praying for you two.

Karen Jo said...

I am wishing your Mama a very good day at work tomorrow. Chicken in a crock pot is very good, but it must be driving you crazy with the delicious smell. I am sorry that you are still having so many money problems. I will try to dig up a little something.

Jane said...

Hi Brandi & Carol. I've been away for a little while so I missed the fabulous news about your Mum getting a job! Congratulations Carol! I hope your first day goes really well. I'm also sending you wishes that you can sort out finishing up in your apartment and move on to a better place, being rid of that horrible landlord once and for all. Take care, both of you xx :)

Riley & Tiki said...

Good luck with the new jobbie and we will try to get something to you in the mail this week. Purrs to both of you.

Catzee said...

Ya mean yur Mom had chickin an' woudln't give ya any!!!!!! That is mean. BUt be nice ta her cuz she needs yur love wif havin' ta move an' all.