April 10, 2007


All that dancin' and runnin' and celebrating yesterday tired me out! That and the Stinky Goodness (chicken) and Temptations and mama's meatloaf that filled me up. I think I've had a zillion nappies today! Mama says it's more fun to get on the computer and not have to jobbie hunt. And she turned down 2 interviews today, which she said was fun, too.

Mama is planning what to wear next week, and she bought a mug for her new job like last summer, so she finally gets to use it, and she's planning what to bring for lunches, and she is soo happy today. A friend of hers gave her a whole bunch of information on places to live and stuff too, places that are bus friendly for where she works. She is a worker now! Still can't believe it. Course we can't celebrate for a while for real, cause mama doesn't have any money for that, and we have to get some new things when we move (like a new cleaning monster, and some new furniture and stuff). And, Miles, she is talking about a futon! Imagine that! You love your futon so much, maybe you convinced her to get one! But that is after we catch up on some bills and stuff. We fell a little behind in the utilities and stuff. :-(

That's it today. I really have to catch up on the cat blogosphere. AND, thank you all so much for your comments! Maybe I'll have to dance all over again!

We purrayed real hard for so long, now we are still purraying, but for our gratitude. And we still need to get our new place verified, and need to get ready for that, and hang on till mama gets paid a couple of times before mama can get me my party and my hamm pizza.

Love, headbumpies, hugs for all, and a sweet hello for my hansome and brave Sugar Pie,


Mungo N Teazer said...

Silly us... we put da comment on da wrong postie!

Email us an we get you hammm pizza. Seeereeus. Momma wantsta call ur pizza guy n haff him dalivver a speshul hamm pizza. Hokay?

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hello my sweet pretty lady cat! I'm so glad you're happy. You and your mommy deserve it. I'll miss you this week while my beans are out of town, they'll be in Vegas until Saturday night. Perhaps your mommy will let you tely-port over for your naps. That way when you're awake you can be celebrating with her and when I'm lonely getting ready for my nap you can visit me!
They are leaving tomorrow morning.
We're all so very happy for your mommy and are so excited to hear how it goes!
Take care sweet Brandi. I'll see you in the tely-porting soon I hope. We're sending good thoughts your way dear Brandi and Carol.

The Meezers said...

Brandi, a foo-ton is always a good choice - a bed and a couch all in one! We saided many purrayers of fanks for our mommy getting a jobbie, and we also saided purrayers of fanks for your mommy getting a jobbie too - and to make it the mostest wonderful job efurr!!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Dat hamm pizza is gonna taste mitey good after all dis waiting dat yoo did. We are still dancing a little.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

lots and lots of great news - we're so happy for you!

Boy said...

I'm sure you'll get your party weal soon!
I'm weawwy gwad for your mama!

Junior said...

Meowm and I didn't get here yesterday! Concatulations!!!!!!!! We are both so happy for you! We will keep up the purrayers that everything continues to run smoothly and all the bills get caught up!