April 12, 2007

A Nice Day

Nice today. Still in the 40's, but sunny out! I love sun. Got to lay on the window sill (it's very wide) and teleport over to my sweetie while mama had coffee this afternoon with a bean from the school. She caught up on all the news (well some), and this is a person she always liked a lot, cause they had the same major, and same interests, including cats!

Mama is going to go out and donate some of her old but usable clothing to a place tomorrow. So I will miss her again. More time to teleport over to see my sweetie! And just think, I can do a lot more teleporting to visit friends when mama goes back to work! I can be a lot more sociable now! No more nursy duties!

Wonder if I will like our new home. Hmmm. Well, back to "sleep" for a while to check in on my sweet Sugar Pie.



Parker said...

Glad you will be posting more!

Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Brandi, We just heard your mum got a job!!! Concatyoolayshuns to her, and our best wishes to both of yoo. Yoo must be worn out wiv dancing furr joy.