September 3, 2010

Friday Stuff

Kinda grey day starting out.  Oh, well. I think Tracie is coming over later (yea!). Slow morning so far (of course, kitty mornings, heck, days are usually slow for us seniors). Pepsi Refresh decided it wasn't going to announce the winners of the Gulf Refresh Project until September 22, so stay tuned there.  Mama wroted a commentary about all the crap going on in our state thanks to the governor and submitted it to one of the local papers.  She also gave it to one of her favorite reporters at one of the TV stations as an FYI (For  Your  Information). There has been a lot of complaints against him from all over the political, professional, and just plain citizen spectrum of the state. It's not just mama and it's not just because of her health care. It's several important things the governor is screwing up. All he wants is to be President.  Please, please, if he runs, know how badly he screwed up this state, and don't let him near the presidency of all the states!!
Mama is threatening the M word.  As in Move.  As in out of this state. As in maybe out of this country.  I told you don't get on her bad side!!
Enough politics for one day.  This is a kitty blog.  So, as I was saying, kinda grey day, and I think Tracie is coming over later. And you deserve a picture of me, I guess. 

Did you get that this plaid theme is running rampant on my day bed? Actually I like it, cause it feels warm, just like my regular blankies. I just prefer the pink one for it's color.
love and ((((hugs))))


Everycat said...

Brandi, you have a busy weekend ahead soothing your Mama after a difficult week. We think she's great to make sure that people know what a plonker the Governor is.

Plaid suits you!

Whicky Wuudler

Ikaika said...

Plonker ... ahahahaha!! What a great word to describe Mr. P! We so understand your Mama's anger. Hugs to you and your Mama ...

'Kaika and his mom

brandi said...

Kaika, do you have a blog? We loves your comments, and you comment on a lot of blogs, but do you have one of your own? We would at least love a picture. Thank you for being our friends. We want you to come back often, regardless.
mama Carol