September 23, 2010

Thursday stuff

Thank you Swimtaxi for your nice comment about the Modest Needs post being well written, and the nice compliment about mama having such a pretty cat. Blogger sends our comments to our email account and it decided to delete your comment, but after we remembered it.  But it became unpublishable by blogger.
Mama has to go out into the rainy weather this afternoon, so I am going to be all snuggly.
She just shared her lunch with me (chili for a chilly day). A little hot for my taste, but she left me plenty of water, and even a little cracker for me (okay, it fell in my foodie bowl).
Oh, Swimtaxi, by the way, thanks for dopting schnauzers. Mama's friend Robin is a schnauzer rescuer!  You sweeties are going into our blog list. Remus and Riley are just tooooo cute not to follow.
ps. mama says happy fall efurry one.
I says kitties always fall right side up.  So it's always a happy fall, right?
Oh, AUTUMN. Oh, okay.  Happy AUTUMN efurry one.  Sheshh.


Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Hi Brandi :)
Happy Autumn to you!!!!!!!
Swimtaxi 's puppies are very cute :)
But your picture on WW is the cutest we've seen!!!!!!!!!!!
What a pretty girl you are ;)
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Mr. Hendrix said...

Happy Autumn to you sweet angel! That is such a pretty picture of you. I loooooove the nipping pictures below. I saved a special nip bag for when you come to my party. I hope you'll come. We can take a break to watch General Hospital if you want. And Ellen. We love Ellen

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Happy Autumn!

I've heard from my pals in Eden Prairie it has been damp in MN -

I'm sure woo haven't minded!


Swimtaxi said...

Remus and Riley's big sister just got a chance to see your blog and photos. B thinks Brandi is a beautiful cat too.

I love that white star between her eyes. It seems like it would be a magnet for needing to be scratched.

Reenie said...

Hello my sweet friend Brandi,

Thank you so much for checking on me from time to time. Mama says she had fallen into a pitt, but she is slowly coming out of there. Thank you for being my friend though- even when I was not much around.

I hope you have been very well!