September 26, 2010

Sunny Sunday

This really is from last month.  But it IS sunny today, and mama didn't take any new pictures today.  We have been chasing the sunbeams all day and having a mellow sunny day.   Mama has been reading on the puter.  Did we tell you that you can magically download books from our central library in the city onto a computer or a Sony or a Nook book and then you return them with a click or after 21 days they disappear from your puter?  Mama said these downloaded books are so in demand that as soon as she finishes one she returns it so others can download it. Pretty cool.  Except she doesn't have a Nook book or a Sony book to carry around, so she can't "take it with her" (and no lap top, either).  So if she wants to read one, she has to sit at the desk and watch the puter screen.
Anyone have a spare Nook book??? Seriously. And the technology at the library doesn't include the Kindles, which just went down in price. We looked at all the accessories you need for a Nook. Whew!
Tomorrow she has decided to go back to her old women's group.  No, I don't mean all the women are old. I mean the group she went to a few years back when we lived in our old place on the other side of the downtown area. Only some of the members are old. That doesn't make it an old women's group. So she will be gone for a while. She would love to "take it with her" so she can read her book inbetween buses. *Sigh*
No Nook book. Ever until they cost way less including the accessories. Wouldn't a lap top be better? Then she could help me blog and look at all the nice kitties and woofies on line!  And we could snuggle on the daybed while she reads. And reads the bloggies to me.
So today, we are being mellow.
Did I tell you Tracie was here on Friday?  She moved my litter box again, and mama had to move it back. But she is very nice to me in other ways, so I guess as long as mama moves the box back to where I like it when she leaves, it's okay.  Tracie was being silly with me and piling all sorts of bags on the bed and taking them away, so she was fun to play with.
But it is odd, even for a bean, I think. To move somecat's litter box where you don't live.
There was a video of a kitty on I Can Has Cheezeburger who brushes itself.  Bah! Not that special!  How do you think I brush myself??? Just because mama doesn't have a video camera someone else gets the fame!
love to all,
and nosekisses for my Sugar Pie,


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Enjoy those sunbeams!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Good morning! We wanted to wish you a very happy Monday!

Love, uSSSSS

Reenie said...

Good Morning, Sunshine!

- Sherkhan

GRAÇA said...

Miaumiau, I call Kika and I love having friends!
They want to be my friends?
If you want to go to my blog to know me and say they want to be my friends, is there a peck to my friends 'gold'
I am waiting for your visit!