June 29, 2012

Hot Friday!

It hasn't been too bad, being an inside kitty in this weather. But I miss the cool weather. Hey, I'm a Minnesnowta cat!
Mommy wanted you to know that she's thinking about taking some of the chip in green thingies out this weekend, and buying some foodies -- for her AND me.  Two days ago she had a big purrscription bill and it was only one of her insulins.  She takes two kinds and lots of other pills! So it sort of was sad.  Most of  the bills are paid (well, the insurance is still three months behind) but there was nothing left for foodies. Not if she pays for the rest of her purrscriptions and rent and stuff. She's been saving the chip in thingies for something, like when you can't buy lots of foodies or pay bills.
A back up plan, she says. But, really, back up to what?????? What are we going back up to????? We live on the 16th floor!! Are we going to the lounge on the 25th floor again??? Beans are weird!!!
Anyway, that's why she's been making casseroles and stuff. To stretch the foodies and be healthy for us. You should see our freezer. About three things in it. Counting ice cubes. So to those who could share a little bit, thank you, thank you, thank you! There is still more insulins to buy this month!! Mommy will figure it out. But you are helping!! Thank you again for whatever you can spare.
Maybe we'll have pizza. What, NO???? Oh, yeah, we're only doing essentials. Regular cat food. But isn't hamm pizza cat food????
I guess only in my kitty dreams, now.
And I am going to suffer in silence and take a nice long nap. Or fifty. And dream of pizza.

Nice thick, with lots of cheese and hamm. And pineapple for mom.
Can we have some shrooms, though, please?? And I hope they have Denties in stock!! I HAVE to have my Denties!!! Last time you said they were out of Denties at Target. Tempies are OKAY, but I miss my Denties!!  And, no I am not being picky.  I have an addiction!!! Like you and your green tea in bottles!!! Okay, so you haven't had any in a while.  That's not like not having Denties!!! Do I have to dream of those, too????? Darn!
Stay cool in the heat, all.  Drink lots of water!  Be careful out in the sun. Try to stay comfy.
Think kind thoughts for Traci. She's having lady surgery today, I think.

dreaming of pizza and Denties


Prancer Pie said...

Stay cool yourself, sweet Brandi. The hots seem to be everywhere now. Happy Friday. xoxo

Rene said...

Your post broke our heart. We're sorry you're having financial problems, and we just gave a little something to your Chipin. We wish it could be more.

Are there any places to get help for your mom's prescription costs--like from the drug manufacturers? It just doesn't seem fair.