June 5, 2012

Tuesday Toesies?Talkative Tuesday?

Blurried and old (the picture not me, although I am kinda an older (ahem) feline. I show off my toesies.

It is another gorgeous day out there!  Sunpuddles! Warm. Warm enough to probably turn the air coolie thing on later.Yea!!
Mom is debating on going to the Agenda Meeting for the Council tonight. She might just stay home.  After all she has this wonderful casserole to eat at her leisure!  OMC, she made tuna casserole last night!!!!! I got the cans and the tunie juice!!!!!!! Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now Nerissa gaved me a pretty award and I said I would put in on my blog today and pass it on to a couple of my friends.  This award I proudly pass on to:
Mr. Pip (and check out his new header!)
and last but not least, Glogirly and Katie
Two boys (well really three) and three girls (well four). No that there aren't more out there. There are. And a lot of deserving bloggers, too. And Mr. Pip, I know you aren't a kitty, but you have two kitty siblings, so that counts!

We are so happy that the chip-in is working.  It was hard for a few days. But money is coming through (as soon as they release the funds). Any body know how to make that shorter? Mommy said there are so many things on her list.  Like hamm pizza, mom? Please? Oh, yeah, insurance and medicines, too. Mama has fallen a little behind in some bills. And needs foodies.
Oh, the cell phone thing wasn't because of green papers. No worry on that.  It was something called a bad sim card and "an idiot company" to quote mama. The cell phone lies dead on the desk until we get another sim card. Honestly, this is actually the second phone we've had since the beginning of LAST month. And the third sim card is coming in the mail in about two weeks. Good grief!
All this for a free cell phone.
We are going to be trying out a different kitty litter soon, so we will report back on it. If it's any good.
If I am pleased with it. If I would recommend it. IF.
I should have said Talkative Tuesday, huh and left out the toesie part.
Take care,


Nerissa said...

Hi Brandi! I'm so glad you received your award. It's pretty... don't you think?

And I'm so glad things are looking a little better for you and your mom. We're all purring for you both. Really and truly we are. purrs

Rene said...

Score--tuna juice!! Nice! We wanted to suggest an inexpensive (yet good) brand of litter in case this new one doesn't work. We get ours at Pet Supplies Plus, their "premium choice" brand. It comes in 40 lb bags for $10, but is often on sale for $8 or $9. It is unscented and scoopable too. We checked PSP's website and there are three stores, Minneapolis, Burnsville, and Bloomington. Just a thought. :-)

Princess Jasmine said...

Concatulations on your award :)xx

brandi said...

By the way, this cat litter is one that is recommended for problem kitties who don't like to use the litterbox to pee.
We like the one we have now, we're just xperimenting. And also, since mama doesn't have a car, we rely on a wonderful metro petfood delivery service for stuff, and it's free delivery.
So they let us try stuff once in awhile. Ps. Their kitty treats are yucky. We did try them for free, thank goodness, cause I never finished them!

Kristin Avery said...

Congratulations on the award and thanks for sharing it with me! Tuna casserole sounds super yummy!

Your pal, Pip

Katie and Glogirly said...

Hi brandi!
Congratz on the cool award and thank you SO much for sharing it with us!!! As you probably know, Glogirly is on a vacation now and I'm on a forced-staycation. ; ) So when she's back, we'll be sure to display the cool award and pass it on to some furriends!
xoxo Katie

Oui Oui said...

We love tuna casserole too! Our mom did an avatar of you. Stop by our blog to pick it up. We hope you like it!

Prancer Pie said...

Tuna casserole is yummy! Concats on your award and we hope thinks are looking up fur you and your Mama. xoxo

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Thank yoo for giving us such an awesome award. We don't blog much these days as life got in the way for mom ~ but it's lovely to keep in touch with you. We are sending yoo love and purrs. xx

Shaggy and Scout said...

Oooh tuna juice! A favorite around here! Scooby was the one who REALLY loved it though!
Mom almost made tuna sammiches with tomato & melted cheese in the oven today but the thought of the (minimal) work it would take got the better of her & she threw some pizza rolls in the microwave instead. Real nutritional there, mom! *sigh*