June 14, 2012

Thursday Sthuff

Here we are at Thursday.  Stormy day.  Will it ever end? It has been thunder bumpering all morning!
Not that I really care.  Cause I am safe and warm and dry at home. And it's not really lightening, just rumbling once in a while.
Tonight mom told me we are buying a zoo.  A zoo??  Unless it's for rescue animals, I am not for it! OH! mama told me that is the name of the movie she is showing: We Bought a Zoo.
Just so she doesn't get any ideas.  This place is too small.
Or would it be bigger?  Mama, NO moving!!!
They had their last resident meeting for the summer.  Mama spended all evening down there.  Well, she did spend some time talking to one of the other ladies down there.  A real sweet lady who's really old (in her eighties, mama said), raised eight children ( a feat even for some kitties) and is still absolutely gorgeous. For real.
Mama wented downtown this week for a day and then the meeting that night.  Wented to the clinic this week, wented to the food bank (no longer in our building), and Traci is coming tomorrow.  Unless the weather is just too yucky.
It is sposed to rain like this for the next several days.
Nappy time! A LOT of nappy times!
Oh, that reminds me. 
It's nappy time again. Mama's idea of a joke..
Ps. We know things are difficult for lots of beans and kitties.  They are very difficult for us, too. If you can help, we would appreciate it.  The food shelf and the food bank don't provide a lot of food, and mom is still behind in some bills, and I need my Denties. Thank you to all who can help (we know it's hard) and thank you to all who can only purray for us. Purrayer alone can do lots for all, and we purray for lots of kitties, ourselves. Kitties of the Blogosphere have powerful purrayers!!
special love, brandi


Prancer Pie said...

Oh Brandi, that pic is soo funny! Glad you are havin plenty of rain, cuz we are not! It does make fur good sleepin! Happy Thursday pretty Brandi. xoxo

Tillie and Georgia said...

Oh Brandi, thanks for that picture!! It made us smile and giggle too :)
WE purr you have no more boomers!!!
Special purrs to you and your Mom :)

Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure and JJ

Mr. Pip said...

Too cute!!! Love this picture! I am sorry things are still rough for you. Hope things get easier soon!

Your pal, Pip

Nerissa said...

Hey Brandi! Hope those thunder storms have passed. I don't like the thunder one bit. Rain is bad enough but thunder... well, thunder is downright scary! purrs